Action Camera Microphone Attachment

When buying an action camera microphone attachment, reliability should be one of the first things you consider. You can check reviews online to see what other people are saying about particular attachments. You can also ask friends and family about which ones they prefer. This way, you will have a clearer understanding of which ones are reliable.

Rode Wireless Go II

If you’re planning to use the Rode Wireless Go II action camera microphone attachment, here are some tips to help you make the most of your video experience. In addition to a convenient design, this action camera microphone attachment also includes additional features. For example, you can rename recordings in RODE Central by double-clicking on the recording’s title. The new file name will remain when you export your recordings. You can also mass delete recordings in RODE Central.

The Rode Wireless GO II is equipped with a wide input range and is compatible with a variety of devices, including iPhones and iPads. This attachment also features a fine-grained control for audio gain. In addition, the Wireless GO II comes with an SC5 cable that connects to 3.5mm TRS inputs, but you can also use a standard XLR cable to connect it to devices with a 3.5mm input.

The wireless transmission range of the Rode Wireless GO II has been greatly improved. The original Wireless GO could only transmit at a range of around 20 metres and was susceptible to signal breaks once the camera moved out of line of sight. The new version has improved range and stability by modifying the internal antenna.

Movo VXR10 Pro

The Movo VXR10 Pro action camera mic attachment is a compact and lightweight option that can be mounted on a variety of cameras. Its shock mount reduces ambient noise, and it also offers a variety of features, including battery-free operation and plug-and-play compatibility. It also comes with a hard shell case to protect it during storage and transport.

The Movo VXR10 has a supercardioid directional microphone that records background noises and chatter. This makes it ideal for all kinds of shoots, including sports and concerts. It also lets you monitor the audio with headphones. It also works with iPhones, Android phones, and DSLRs.

The Movo VXR10 PRO is a high-quality microphone that delivers smooth sound. It’s also battery-free, powered by your smartphone or camera. It comes with a one-year warranty. It also has a variety of on-board settings for optimal audio recording.

PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip-On


If you’re looking for an affordable lavalier microphone attachment for your action camera, the PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip On is a great option. It has a shielded cable and works with most devices (although some may require a special USB adapter). This microphone comes with a handy case and does not require any drivers.

The PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip On has long been a popular action camera microphone attachment, and is equipped with a noise-cancelling feature. However, the cable is a bit long, so you may want to consider getting a different type. If the PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip is out of your price range, you can try the Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier instead photography. This mic attachment is compatible with virtually any action camera with a 3.5mm jack. It is also compatible with smartphones and laptops.

Another benefit of the PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip On is that it is small and lightweight. It is ideal for recording live events and music and is a great choice for vloggers, musicians, and podcasters.

MouKey MCm-1

If you’re shooting action videos with your action camera, you need a good microphone. The MouKey MCm-1 is an excellent choice. It has good sound quality, directional attributes, and a rigid shock mount. It is also compatible with most models of video cameras and doesn’t require a battery. It uses a 3.5mm cable and fits easily into the jack plug adaptor on your camera.

The Moukey MCm-1 has a built-in shock mount that minimizes handling noise, and it also shields your camera from radio frequency interference. It’s great for vlogging, YouTube, and more! It has an aluminum-made body, which makes it highly durable and protects your audio from unwanted vibrations.

While most of the MouKey MCm-1 action camera microphones work well with most models of action cameras, you should keep in mind that some can have issues with the 3.5mm output cable. You need to make sure that it’s compatible with your camera before you purchase it.


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