Cleaning Services Company vs. Employing A Cleaner Directly- Pros & Cons

People’s lives are full with family, work, extracurricular activities, maintaining preventive appointments, and on. It’s tough to do all of that, plus try to retain not only household maintenance but cleaning. Sometimes you have to allow yourself the benefit of outsourcing some of it.

Preventive maintenance generally goes to repair contractors, but who helps with the house cleaning? Everyone wants to come home to an organized and clean home, one where you don’t have to fret over chores after already putting in a long day.

It’s curious whether you should reach out to a cleaning services company or if you prefer an independent cleaner. A company might offer advantages that a private cleaning person might not be able to provide, like insurance in case there’s a problem while working. Still, the private person could be more detailed and efficient.

Let’s look at a few of the differences in an effort to inform and hopefully make the decision somewhat easier.

Cleaning Services Company vs. Employing A Cleaner Directly- Pros & Cons

When fully involved with a family and career, the household tends to be the one component of your lifestyle that gets neglected the most.

While it’s relatively easy to find professional repair contractors to handle routine maintenance tasks, looking for the best person or company to keep your home clean and tidy in the way you like can be quite the undertaking. Many people opt for a cleaning service for the simple fact of the liability.

If something were to happen while the individual(s) were cleaning, a business would be more likely to carry insurance than an independent cleaner. The company will also do background checks and often bond their staff.

Occasionally, a private cleaner will go to the expense, but self-employed individuals don’t always have the funding to handle all the details that a business can. Let’s look at a few of the key differences.

  • A cleaning service company is held accountable by the business leader

No one can hold the individual accountable with a private cleaner if the services are not up to par. The client can complain if the services are unsatisfactory, but the obligation to return and make the situation right depends on the character and professionalism of the person.

In some instances, self-employed cleaners don’t want to face an angry client and will instead avoid the situation.

That’s not possible with a cleaning services company. An unhappy client will contact the administration to voice their issues, and the company lead will send the team back to make the necessary corrections to ensure optimum satisfaction.

With businesses, checklists are often incorporated to fulfill quality standards; peers will do follow-ups to check on final results, management will often do spot checks, and the clients are given a customer satisfaction guarantee allowing free redos.

The administrative staff is also available during business hours to ensure clients have a person to speak with when calling to schedule, make a payment, or talk about a cleaning issue. Go here for guidance on hiring a cleaning service.

  • What if they get sick

With an independent cleaner, you’re at their mercy if something comes up and they can’t make it on a scheduled day, whether they become ill, have an appointment, need to be available for a child, or any reason making them unavailable with no one to replace them. And if they quit suddenly, you’re in the lurch.

These issues are not a problem for the client with a cleaning services company. The company deals with the conundrums of the staff but ensures there is someone at your home on your scheduled day. The service will have several crews staggered throughout different shifts.

If a person cannot make it to their scheduled time, another team member will fill in for that slot, so you don’t need to be inconvenienced. 

Another benefit is the flexibility. A private cleaner can only stretch a time slot so far. You’ll have to settle for another space if you prefer a set time on a particular day and that cleaner is already booked with another client. 

Cleaning companies can accommodate almost any schedule since they have many teams able to clean a few houses simultaneously.

  • In and out but efficient and effective

A private cleaner is one person going through the house cleaning each room which can take substantial time, meaning you need to allocate probably a day. 

That can mean providing the key to your place while you’re at work through the week. Not everyone is really comfortable with that scenario, especially if you don’t have a screening on the individual.

A cleaning service will usually send a team of at least two people. These individuals undergo extensive cleaning training to know how to do the most efficient work quickly. That means you can bring them in on a weekend day, leave them alone for a couple of hours, and not worry about your home’s security. 

In almost every cleaning business, however, the staff is background checked, and each is bonded, so you have minimal fear of a security breach. Each person is also insured if someone or something has an accident while on the property. To know more about the services offered by this cleaning business, you can get updates from this website as well

Final Thought

Some people prefer having a private housekeeper because the experience is more personal. You can get to know the individual and establish a “people” relationship that lasts for the long term. 

That’s one of the cons associated with a company; the people can change periodically. The business tries to keep the same people on a regular basis. 

But even still, it’s difficult to develop a bond with a team focused on getting in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. To them, you’re a client, and it’s merely about business, professional. 

A private cleaner view your home as almost an extension of their own and wants to take care of it similarly. They see you as a family, less about commercialism and more about heart.

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