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Rajkotupdates.News Games : Garena Free Fire & PUBG India

Rajkotupdates.News Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India page provides the latest news and information regarding free fire and pubg on mobile devices. Its most important feature is that it shares information about new offers for both of these games on its page.

Furthermore, this section provides information about diamond offers, free coins, guns, and FF rewards. Also included is the FF redemption code, as well as its competition.

How does PUBG work?

As well as being known as Pubg, Players’ Unknown Battleground is a multiplayer online game that cannot be played alone. It requires a minimum of three other players in order to play. Brendan Green and Jang Tae-Seok are primarily responsible for the creation of the game. Mobile devices as well as personal computers can be used to play the game.

The first release of Pubg was on December 20, 2017, which was in 2017. Players begin the game on the “spawn island” and prepare for battle.

Due to this, participants will be thrown from airplanes in a variety of locations and will need to engage in combat to remain alive. A variety of firearms and vehicles are available on the island, both of which can be used in the fight for survival.

In PubG, you can select from a variety of play styles. In PubG’s “traditional” mode, users can only form squads of four people and compete against each other, and this is the mode that most players prefer.

If you use one of the various types of vehicles available to you, you will be able to evade adversaries and reach new areas more quickly and easily.

By using a microphone, we can communicate with our team and instruct them on how to play Pubg. The developers of Pubg have included new game types, cars, and weapons to keep players interested in the game.

Free Fire: An Introduction

Globally, more than 500 million people have played Free Fire, an online massively multiplayer game.

The game was recognized with a number of awards. Google Play Store crowned it the greatest game of 2019 after it was selected by the majority of users. Free Fire is played daily by 80 million individuals as of 2019. You should play this game if you enjoy competing against large numbers of players on a single device.

It begins with fifty participants being jettisoned onto an island stocked with various weapons. Weapons are sought by players so that they may compete against one another.

As soon as the player lands on the ground, he or she will search for other players to eliminate one by one until there is only one survivor left.

The game contains a number of playable characters. You can use two of them immediately without incurring any additional costs, while the remaining two require the purchase of diamonds.

Almost every character is in the story. It is possible to play Free Fire in a variety of ways. The buffer zone around the map gets smaller over time, and the winner is the last person or item standing at the end of the game.

In what ways does Free Fire differ from PUBG?

Garena Free Fire and PUBG are both online multiplayer battle royale games that are played by millions of people around the world. Both games are played in a similar format, in which players are dropped onto a large island and must scavenge for weapons, supplies, and other equipment while trying to survive against other players. The last player or team standing wins the game.

However, there are a few key differences between the two games:

  1. Platforms: Garena Free Fire is available on mobile devices, while PUBG is available on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, PC, and console.
  2. Game size: Garena Free Fire matches are generally shorter than PUBG matches, with 50 players per match compared to 100 players in PUBG.
  3. Map size: The maps in Garena Free Fire are generally smaller than the maps in PUBG, which means that players are more likely to encounter each other and engage in combat.
  4. Gameplay: The gameplay in Garena Free Fire is generally more fast-paced and action-oriented compared to PUBG, which has a slower and more tactical gameplay style.
  5. Graphics: PUBG has generally higher-quality graphics compared to Garena Free Fire, which may make it more visually appealing to some players.
  6. Cost: PUBG is a paid game on most platforms, while Garena Free Fire is free-to-play, with in-app purchases available.

Overall, both Garena Free Fire and PUBG are popular and highly competitive games that have millions of active players. It’s difficult to say which game is better, as it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some players may prefer the fast-paced gameplay of Garena Free Fire, while others may prefer the slower and more tactical gameplay of PUBG.

FFWS 2022 (Free Fire World Series)

Free Fire World Series 2022 (FFWS 2022) – The Free Fire World Series 2022 (FFWS 2022) will be held in May of this year. The play-in of this competition will take place on 14th May and the final will take place on 21st May, in which many free-fire players from the country are expected to participate.

In the coming months, regional qualifiers for the FFWS 2022 will take place in several regions, where the most successful FF teams will receive the highest awards.

First of all, we would like to inform you that FFWS 2022 will be the third edition of the most anticipated global tournament in the world titled Free Fire. In this tournament, the best FF teams in the world will compete to become the most successful.

FFWS 2022 (Free Fire World Series)

The Free Fire World Series 2022, the second of the year, will take place in November 2022. The following is its esports road map for 2022. Once the date for the Second FFWS 2022 has been announced, this page will be updated.

Free Fire Max banned in India – Garena Free Fire

Yes, Garena Free Fire has been banned in India. We are pleased to inform you that the Government of India has banned 51 additional apps in addition to the Free Fire app itself. Google Play Store has removed this application. Free Fire gamers are very saddened by this news.

Why its banned in India?

In September 2020, the Indian government banned a number of Chinese mobile apps, including PUBG, due to concerns about national security and data privacy. The ban was implemented by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under the provisions of the Information Technology Act. The government cited “national security and defence” as the main reasons for the ban.

It’s worth noting that the ban on PUBG in India is not permanent, and it is possible that the game may be reinstated in the future. However, it is not currently clear when or if this will happen. It is important to note that the decision to ban or unban apps is ultimately up to the Indian government and is not under the control of the developers or publishers of the app.

There will, however, still be a Garena Free Fire Max version available in India. You may download Free Fire Max from the following below links, as it is not banned and can also be found on the Google Play store.

Download Fire Max Mod Apk for free

You can download Garen free Fire Max mod apk from here. Many users install the mod apk instead of installing the free Fire Max app directly from the Google Play Store. As a result, users can enjoy benefits such as free fire unlimited diamonds cookole, free fire 50000 diamond hack, free fire max unlimited diamonds 99999, character, guns skin, gift card, etc. It can be said that an apk mod is a modified version of the original application.


Download PUBG Mobile India apk 2022

This page provides links to pubg mobile apk and pubg lite apk apps, as well as pubg redeem codes. To redeem a PubG code, please click on the link provided.


Some of Unique Key Points For You:

  1. Tips and tricks: Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG are complex games with a variety of weapons, items, and strategies that players can use to their advantage. Sharing tips and tricks on how to play effectively and improve one’s chances of winning can be helpful for your blog visitors.
  2. Game updates: Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG are constantly updating their games with new features, weapons, and content. Sharing information about these updates and how they affect gameplay can be helpful for your blog visitors to stay informed and up-to-date.
  3. Esports tournaments: Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG have active competitive scenes, with professional teams and players participating in tournaments for cash prizes. Providing coverage and analysis of these tournaments can be interesting for your blog visitors.
  4. Streaming and content creation: Many players of Garena Free Fire and PUBG create and share videos of their gameplay on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Sharing information about popular streamers and content creators, as well as tips on how to start streaming or creating content, can be helpful for your blog visitors who are interested in this aspect of the games.
  5. Community events and tournaments: Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG have active communities that often host events and tournaments for players to participate in. Sharing information about these events and how to get involved can be helpful for your blog visitors who are interested in participating.

Beginner’s guide:

For players who are new to Garena Free Fire or PUBG, a beginner’s guide can be helpful in explaining the basic mechanics and gameplay of the game. This can include information on how to move, shoot, and interact with the environment, as well as tips on how to survive and win.

Character customization:

Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG offer a variety of characters, outfits, and accessories that players can unlock and use to customize their in-game appearance. Sharing information about the different customization options and how to unlock them can be helpful for your blog visitors.

Weapon guides:

Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG have a large variety of weapons that players can use, each with their own unique attributes and strengths. Providing guides on the different weapons and how to use them effectively can be helpful for your blog visitors.

Best practices:

Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG have a large and active player base, and it’s important for players to follow best practices to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone. Sharing information about things like sportsmanship, teamwork, and communication can be helpful for your blog visitors.


From time to time, players may encounter issues with Garena Free Fire or PUBG, such as bugs, glitches, or connection problems. Providing information on how to troubleshoot and fix common issues can be helpful for your blog visitors.


Both Rajkotupdates.news games : Garena Free Fire & PUBG India, are examples of games that are intended solely for recreational purposes. This game offers a variety of competitions, and new players are constantly joining the game.

There are a number of people who earn money broadcasting the live version of this game on their respective YouTube channels. In both of these games, the primary objective is to maintain one’s own life.

In addition to firearms, first aid kits and other supplies are available in this game. Each game provides the player with access to a variety of vehicles that can be used for navigating the environment and escaping danger.

The app stores and play stores on Android and iOS devices offer Pubg and Free Fire for download. In India, the game is known as Battleground Mobile instead of PubG.

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