Should You Invest In Gold?

Finances are a difficult topic to breach in many cases.  Not many people like discussing them in the first place, especially not with others.  After all, why would we want to talk about something so delicate and nuanced unless we are very comfortable with the person involved?

So, if you are a bit hesitant in reading this article at first, I completely understand.  With that being said, though, I think that spreading the knowledge surrounding investing that I am able to do is an important thing.  Therefore, I am here today to explain to you how gold investing works, and whether it is worth your time.

On a global scale, the economies of most countries are still suffering from the remnants of the covid 19 pandemic.  Those lingering negative impacts on critical industries such as tourism and entertainment are not going to go away quickly.  What does that mean for the average consumer, though?

Unfortunately, it has a lot of implications, most of which are negative.  You see, the value of our money is going down.  Even though the bills are still the same, their buying power has diminished significantly just in the past year.  Think about groceries, for example.

At the beginning of 2022, a weekly grocery trip may have costed you about one-hundred dollars.  Today, it would look like two-hundred dollars at the minimum.  Looking at it even in the lens of previous economic crises, it is rather extreme.  

Admittedly, it might not seem like the best time to start investing in assets.  However, there are certain ones that can help us protect our wealth from issues like inflation.  One such is gold, in the precious metals category.

Why Gold?

I can already see the questions – why is this something that people should be buying right now?  Is it really worth that exorbitant price tag?  What is the point when it will not give us immediate returns?

Do not worry.  I am here to quell all of those worries and concerns.  To start out in that goal, let us think about why gold in particular seems to be effective in protecting ourselves from inflation rates.  Note that this is in the long-term, though, as precious metals are not really meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme.

Websites like this one,, demonstrate some of it.  Investing experts from all over the world espouse it as an asset and trust me when I say there is good reason for that.  If you take a moment to consider all of human history, what is the thing that stands out the most to you in terms of ways to store wealth?

If gold was your first instinct, you are correct!  You see, royalty and nobility across the ages have put their money into it.  In the past, usually this was via coinage or collectibles, though.  Think of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even dishes and silverware.  Anything that could be made from the metal, they were doing so.

Today, it certainly operates a bit differently.  In fact, a lot of investment accounts that accept precious metals do not allow you to deposit collectibles.  Coins are still allowed if they have a certain percentage of the precious metal, though. 

Nowadays, the primary way that it is traded and sold is in the form of bullion.  That is just another word for “bars.”  I would guess that some of the reason the diction was changed was to distinguish it from the stereotypical fantasy or swashbuckling adventures that feature large chests or vaults of the stuff.  

Simply put, though, they are just easier to store and transport in this smaller and more sleek design.  Since you can have them professionally stored, as well, it is quite understandable why this is the direction that the investing market ended up taking.

Is it Worth Your Time?

Now, for this question, I will take a slightly different approach.  I cannot exactly tell you “Yes, it is absolutely worth your time” or “no, it is a total waste.”  Each person has their own extenuating circumstances that will influence the answer, after all.  So, instead I will explain the moments where it will likely be worth it for you if it is something that you are already interested in.

When considering it, first you should look at some of the current market trends.  Resources such as this one can help you out with that, though I am sure that you can find plenty on your own as well.  Basically, the point here is that you should do your research beforehand.  Never just jump on a trend because it is popular right now.

For anyone who is looking to make those long-term plans, especially involving a retirement fund or IRA, it may be a nice option for you.  As long as you follow the rules of those self-directed ones and remember that collectibles do not qualify, it can be an excellent way to prepare for your later years.

Additionally, as a hedge against inflation, it is hard to find an asset better suited to this purpose than a precious metal like gold.  They do not have a fluctuating price point in comparison to a lot of other commodities.  That alone gives them an edge over other options.  

You will have to decide if it seems like something right for you, though.  Not everyone wants to deal with the vendors and the potential scams that we see.  To avoid that, you can check out review pages or articles on a specific company.  That can usually prove insights into which ones are sketchy and which ones are not.

Once you actually get started, thankfully it is a fairly simple process.  We have a lot of different ways to invest in a precious metal, even if we do not want to purchase the bullion itself.  You could even try purchasing stocks for the businesses involved in the market if you prefer to take that indirect route.  Diversifying your portfolio is never a bad idea.

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