What to do at a job interview to get the job

A job interview is a clarification of the experience of the applicant, as well as his personal qualities, that is, getting to know him.

An interview is a conversation of equal people, each of which has its own position that has the right to exist, and a certain range of interests that can become common.

Even if you already have a lot of job search experience, and want to work abroad, remember that for each new job interview you need to prepare in advance.

“10 is necessary” or what to do at the interview

An interview with an employer can rightfully be considered the most difficult and responsible stage in the job search process. We have prepared for you 10 rules that will help you successfully pass it and get the desired position.

1. Do your research

It is very important to learn as much as possible about the company before the interview. To do this, it is not enough just to study the company’s website. Collect information from various open sources, use an Internet search. You can also find people who work or have worked in this organization and clarify the details of interest with them. Your knowledge will play into your hands during the interview and allow you to impress.

2. Be sure to prepare

80% of interview success depends on preparation. Prepare detailed responses with examples for the top three interview questions: Can you do this job? Will you enjoy your work? Can we work together?

3. Research the position

You must accurately represent and understand the essence of the position for which you are applying. Prepare for the “Tell me about yourself” question so that your story matches the vacancy as closely as possible.

4. Prove your competence

To understand that you are the right fit for the job, the interviewer must assess your competence to perform the required tasks. To do this, be prepared to give examples of situations that you have encountered and talk about ways to solve them, describe your skills and experience.

5. Know your worth

You must not only know why you need this job, but also why you need this job. And, of course, you must convey this to the interviewer.

6. Rehearse answers

Carefully study the job description and the requirements for the candidate. For each requirement, make up possible questions and prepare answers for them. Rehearse by yourself, in front of a mirror, or ask a friend to help you.

7. Be honest

There is nothing worse than lying in an interview. Be prepared to go over the details of your resume and ask difficult questions like “Why did you leave your last job.” Your answers must be honest. If there were unpleasant situations, then it is worth considering in advance how to comment on them more carefully.

8. Try to buy time

If a question turned out to be too difficult or unexpected, feel free to ask for a little time to answer it. You can ask a clarifying question or ask for an example – this will buy you some time to think everything over.

9. Ask questions

Not only the interviewer can ask questions. Be sure to prepare a series of questions that interest you. After all, not only you should approach the company, but also the company to you. In addition, it will show you are interested in the job and oriented in the industry.

10. Good conversation ending

Be sure to thank the interviewer for the conversation. And do not be afraid to ask about the next steps in the selection for the position.

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