HITEKS Appoints New Clinical Chief Officer

HITEKS is excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Jillian Kovacs as the company’s new Clinical Chief Officer. Dr. Kovacs brings over 20 years of experience in psychiatric medicine and has expertise in both inpatient and outpatient settings. In her new role, Dr. Kovacs will be responsible for managing HITEKS’ clinical operations, directing patient care, and overseeing research initiatives. She will also serve as an advisor to the CEO on all matters related to the clinical side of the business. Welcome to HITEKS, Dr. Kovacs!

HITEKS appoints new clinical chief officer

HITEKS has appointed as its new clinical chief officer, Dr Nerissa Higgs. The organisation said this would “further strengthen the already strong clinical partnership across our hospitals and clinics.” Dr Higgs joins from mental health charity Mind, where she was Medical Director for Region East. She will take up her role at HITEKS in early 2018.

HITEKS announces plans to open a new clinic in the UK

HITEKS, a global healthcare technology company, announced plans to open a new clinic in the UK. The new clinic will be located in the heart of London and will offer patients access to HITEKS’ leading medical technology and services.

“We are excited to be expanding our presence in the UK market and continue providing our innovative products and services to patients across London,” said Charles F. Gounder, CEO of HITEKS. “Our new clinic will provide exceptional care for patients and we look forward to welcoming them soon.”

The clinic is expected to open in early 2019 and will employ a team of highly-trained clinicians who will use HITEKS’ cutting-edge medical technology to help patients heal faster and better. The clinic also features state-of-the-art facilities that allow doctors to conduct more complex surgeries.

HITEKS has been providing innovative healthcare solutions to hospitals around the world for over 25 years, and its products have helped millions of people recover from illness. With this new clinic, HITEKS is committed to continuing its mission of helping people live healthier lives by providing them with access to the best possible healthcare technology.

HITEKS expands its services in Poland

HITEKS has appointed a new Clinical Chief Officer to help manage its growing healthcare business in Poland. Dr. Beata Szpakowska will lead HITEKS’ clinical and business operations in the country, overseeing all aspects of the company’s healthcare services.

“Poland is one of our most important markets and we are committed to expanding our services there,” said Dr. Szpakowska. “I am excited about working with the team at HITEKS and helping them continue to provide quality healthcare to patients across Poland.”

Since 2007, HITEKS has operated clinics throughout Poland, providing comprehensive medical care for both adults and children. The company recently opened its third clinic in Warsaw, making it one of the largest providers of health services in the city.

Dr. Szpakowska has more than 15 years of experience in medicine, including nine years as a physician with a leading hospital in Warsaw. Prior to joining HITEKS, she served as head of department at a hospital in Silesia province, where she developed and ran a pediatric ward.

HITEKS signs a partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

HITEKS is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. This marks an important step in the development of HITEKS as a leading provider of healthcare solutions for children.

Alder Hey will soon be using HITEKS’s patient-centered medical records (PCMR) system to manage care for its patients. The PCMR system is designed to capture, store, and share all patient data in a secure manner, so that clinicians can focus on providing quality care instead of manually tracking and managing information.

This partnership will allow Alder Hey to take advantage of HITEKS’s cutting-edge technology and expertise, while also benefiting from the company’s commitment to providing quality patient care.

HITEKS launches a brand new website

HITEKS, a world-leading provider of innovative and therapeutic medical technologies, today announced the appointment of Dr. John L. Murray as its new Clinical Chief Officer. In this role, Dr. Murray will be responsible for the administration and management of HITEKS’ clinical programs, including development and execution of clinical trials, patient care and education initiatives.

“Dr. Murray’s experience and credentials make him an ideal leader for our clinical program,” said Tomoya Takahashi, CEO of HITEKS. “His years of experience in the healthcare sector will help us to further develop our products and services while providing superior patient care.”

Prior to joining HITEKS, Dr. Murray was the Medical Director at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston where he led the hospital’s Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and Department of Medicine Specialty Care Cardiology Program inpatient cardiac surgery program as well as the Thoracic Surgery Fellowship Program at MGH. He also served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief for The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (JTSA) from 2007 to 2011.

“I am honored to have been selected to lead HITEKS’ clinical program,” said Dr. Murray. “I look forward to working with our team to improve patient outcomes through innovative therapies.”

HITEKS appoints new clinical chief officer

HITEKS has appointed Dr. Tarek El-Erian as the new clinical chief officer. El-Erian is a board-certified anesthesiologist who has over 20 years of experience working in an acute care setting. He most recently served as the medical director for the emergency department at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey.

The importance of a strong clinical team

When it comes to healthcare, there is no substitute for a strong clinical team. That’s why HITEKS has appointed new Clinical Chief Officer, Dr. Shannon Langan.

Dr. Langan brings more than 20 years of experience in the medical field to her new role at HITEKS. In her previous roles, she has worked as an emergency room physician and a hospitalist. She also has experience working with patients on a long-term basis, which will be crucial as HITEKS continues to grow and expand its services.

“Our goal is always to provide our patients with the best possible care,” said Dr. Langan. “I’m excited to work together with the rest of the team at HITEKS to make that happen.”

With a clinical team like this behind it, HITEKS is poised for continued success in 2018 and beyond.

What HITEKS expects from its clinical chiefs

HITEKSCorp appoints new clinical chief officer

HITEKSCorp has appointed an experienced clinician as its new clinical chief officer. Dr. Vimal Kumar, a pediatric surgeon, joins the medical technology company from Abbott Laboratories where he lead the development of a range of surgical products and services for pediatric patients. He will be responsible for all aspects of patient care at HITEKS facilities worldwide. “Dr. Kumar’s extensive experience in pediatric surgery will be valuable as we continue to expand our product portfolio and enhance our service offerings,” said HITEKS CEO Mitesh Shah.

The role of clinical research in the development of patient care

The Role of Clinical Research in the Development of Patient Care
Clinical research is an essential component of patient care and its importance cannot be overemphasized. By conducting clinical research, health care providers can identify and develop new and better treatments and cures for patients. In addition, clinical research helps to improve the quality of patient care by identifying problems and shortcomings in current practices.

Today, there are many different types of clinical research studies being conducted. Some studies are designed to determine whether a new treatment is safe and effective. Others are designed to test new methods or therapies for treating patients. And still others are intended to find out how best to manage patients’ health conditions.

Of course, not all clinical research studies are alike. Each one has specific goals and objectives that must be met if it is to be successful. Therefore, it is important that researchers have accurate information about the study participants before beginning their work. This information includes things like the participants’ medical histories, demographic data, and any pre-existing conditions that may require special attention.

Once researchers know what information is needed from study participants, they can begin recruiting them through various methods such as advertisements or online surveys. Once participants have been recruited, they will be assigned to one of the study groups depending on their participation requirements and will begin taking part in the study interventions or treatments.

Overall, clinical research plays an essential role in developing improved patient care protocols and ensuring that patients receive the best possible

The future of HITEKS clinical services

HITEKS Clinical Services has appointed Dr. Sanjay Sharma as its new clinical chief officer. Sharma joins HITEKS from Avera McKennan Hospital & Medical Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where he served as the medical director for acute psychiatric services and an associate professor at the University of South Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

“We are excited to have someone with Dr. Sharma’s experience and qualifications joining our team,” said John Schwartz, CEO of HITEKS. “He is a world-renowned expert in psychiatric care and will be instrumental in ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care possible.”

Dr. Sharma’s appointment comes at a time when HITEKS is expanding its services beyond mental health care into other areas such as physical health, addictions, and chronic conditions. “We know that we can provide comprehensive care through our multidisciplinary teams, and we are committed to delivering the best possible service to our patients,” Schwartz continued.

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