How does advertising amplify a brand’s popularity?

Looking to reach a target audience and build brand awareness? Think of the outdoor advertising! An in-your-face form of advertising, a good outdoor ad can win you new customers and increase your goodwill. 

No matter what your business is, a big part of its growth and success comes from marketing.  Outdoor advertising is everywhere—and even in a distracted world, outdoor advertising remains a powerful branding and advertising tool for businesses.

However, since the outdoor advertising space can be very competitive, it is important that you strategize to create something that is creative, eye-catching, and memorable. These tips will help you create a successful advertisement.

Billboards, Mobile van advertising, BTL advertising and LED van advertising can help you reach a large number of people in a short period of time. However, with increasing on-the-go distractions, consumer’s attention spans are shorter than ever before. 

These effective outdoor advertising catches the eye of your target audience and ensures your message leaves a lasting impression, all while increasing brand exposure.

So if you are looking to amplify a brand’s popularity, here is why outdoor advertising is still a “Yes!”

In today’s world, everywhere you look you are constantly swamped by ads.

How many ads do you see in a day?

“Messages on billboards are seen by 71% of customers.”

Outdoor advertising helps business grow and achieve long term goal and retaining customers. In a day how many billboard ads do you see?  Let’s start with some facts – it is reported that you see around 1000 ads every day but only remember 7 -8 of them.

It be a greater in these days. However, if you drive a car every day you will see a lot of billboard. Billboard advertising exist in variety of shape and size and that may be found both size of highways.  

“Advertising on billboard is 80% less expensive than advertising on television.”

Television advertising is one of the efficient and expensive way of advertising. Many business can’t afford to promote their products on television, So they rely to billboard. A billboard ad is less expensive and effective way of advertising.

“After seeing a billboard advertsising, 26% of customers visited a website”

Before making a purchase decision, customer connect with many marketing platforms. Billboards are excellent for capturing attention and consistently overwhelming your target audience; as a result, consumers who view the same billboard each day are more likely to respond to the call to action.

Advantages of outdoor Advertising-

  • Customizable Placement

Take a look around, and you’ll see that advertising is everywhere! Whether it’s on a billboard, a trade show, or the side of a van, you have options. The first thing to consider is location. Outdoor advertising does best when placed near your place of business. 

  • Constant Exposure

Whether you travel by cab, auto, foot, or transit, you are exposed to ads every single day! No matter what the scenery, ads stand out and immediately gain attention. It’s also an affordable way to open up your business to the broadest audience possible. So, while having a billboard or other outdoor ads will reach a target audience, it doesn’t necessarily increase sales, but it does help you gain new customers, which, in turn, can improve revenue.

  • Get Noticed

Be creative with your outdoor advertisements and use this as an opportunity to get noticed by a wide audience! A concise message will send a more powerful impression to your audience. Take your outdoor advertisement as an opportunity to create something memorable. 

  • Brand Awareness

Outdoor advertising can increase your brand recognition and, with so many location options, you can strategically place ads where your desired customer base frequents. The general public travels to the same few places daily, making your name, logo, and message quickly recognized by those around you. So if you want your brand to be a household name, think billboards.


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