How To Surprise Your Brother In Diwali Staying In Abroad?

Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is the festival of light and is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, and Buddhists. This is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India and various countries worldwide. No one wants to miss this day, and people living in various places for jobs or educational purposes prefer to visit their homes and stay with their families. But the most unfortunate people are those living in other countries where they can’t frequently visit their home. And the most painful situation is they need to stay alone on foreign-line compromising their happiness. 

If your brother or any family member is staying abroad and you want to make their Diwali happening and memorable, then below are some of the tips. 

Best Ways To Surprise Your Brother In Diwali

Diwali is a festival that everyone loves to celebrate with their family members in their home. Unfortunately, if your brother can’t come to India, you can surprise him with the ideas below.

1] Video Call

Video calls can be the best way to surprise your brother living in another country. The situation arrives to every individual as they don’t get approval for leave to visit India as Diwali is not the festival of the country they are staying in. The best way to connect with them is through phone or video calls.

You can surprise your brother by calling on skype or other video calling facilities this Diwali. Through this call, he will also get an opportunity to interact with the family and celebrate the festival as he used to celebrate in his childhood. Make sure to manage the time as every country has a different time zone, and then prefer to call him in the day if he is staying in a country like the USA.

2] Send Personalized Gifts From Online Shopping Sites

Another way to surprise your brother is by sending Diwali gifts on the celebration day. You can send him Diwali sweets and other personalized gifts online through various shopping portals or couriers. This can be a good idea to share love and affection towards your brother and decrease the loneliness he might be feeling on that day.

Several online platforms are available in the market which offers delivery services to various countries. You just need to select the product and mention the correct details of the place you want to send it. Make sure that you fill in the required time according to the country’s time zone for same-day delivery.

3] Family Reunion Through Video Conferencing

Not only your brother but your other relatives and siblings also might be away from your home either in India or other countries. And Diwali is the festival when you miss them a lot and wish to see them in your place. But, it might not be possible in today’s time as in maximum cities, we get a single day to celebrate Diwali.

In this case, you can plan a family reunion through video conferencing and engage your brother on that call. This surprise will give him ultimate happiness, and he will not feel alone even while living in another country. Plan the call when everyone gets free, and as it is a surprise call, so manage to discover the time when he finishes his work without giving him a hint.

4] Make a Surprise Videos For Him

If you want to give an immediate surprise to your brother, but you have no time to prepare something special, then you can make videos for him. Now, several video editing apps are available in the app store and play store, in which you can add photos, music, and special effects to make your video interesting. You can add his childhood photos, memories, and family photos and send them to make him feel special. These apps are so versatile that they allow you to edit in just a few simple steps and send them directly through the app on various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

5] Surprise Visit

Last but not least, you can plan a surprise visit with your family or siblings in the place your brother is living in. This requires lots of planning as going to another country needs lots of procedures like applying for a visa. So, you need sufficient time for all the arrangements required for travelling. Plan your surprise visit months before, and don’t give any hint about your plan to make the surprise more interesting.

Bottom Line 

Staying abroad is not easy as you don’t have time to visit your home at the time you prefer. And India is the only place where we get a holiday to celebrate Diwali and the time rarely matches the other countries. So, the only choice to surprise your brother is from the above ideas and give him a home-like feeling on Diwali even while staying abroad.

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