Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers and Zinger Burger

If you love chicken, you’ll love Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers and zinger burger. While this fast food chain is a southern favorite, it’s also an expensive meal. Fortunately, there are smart menu choices, and some red flags to watch out for.

Zaxby’s specializes in chicken food

If you love chicken and burgers, you’ll love Zaxby’s. Famous for their chicken fingers, sandwiches and platters, Zaxby’s offers a variety of chicken foods that will delight any palate. Sauces are available in several varieties, from honey mustard to marinara to a zesty choice that is popular among fans. Dressings can be ordered to complement your meal.

The chicken restaurant was started by Hal Guthrie in 1965. It is not related to the Virginia-based What-a-burger. Despite the similar name, Zaxby’s does not have locations in Wisconsin. In 2017, the chain had $2.3 billion in revenue, which made it the 22nd most profitable fast food chain according to QSR magazine. The company is based in Athens, Ga. and operates mainly in the South.

Zaxby’s has a menu that’s similar to other chicken restaurants. In fact, some of its dishes are very similar to those of KFC and Popeyes, but that doesn’t mean that Zaxby’s is stealing ideas from other restaurants.

A chicken sandwich is chicken fingers served on a bun, with lettuce and tomato. It’s not a healthy choice, and it’s probably not for vegetarians. However, it’s delicious and very filling.

It’s a total trap

While Zaxby’s is a Southern institution, it’s easy to let the tasty and affordable menu turn into an overpriced meal. Luckily, there are some smart choices on the menu to keep you from wasting money, as well as a few red flags to avoid.

It’s high in sugar

The Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers minus sauce has 97 calories. This is calculated based on a 35-year-old female, 5’7″ tall, weighing 144 pounds. The recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories. You may need more or fewer calories, depending on your activity level and your body’s needs. The calorie values are provided by the government’s food and nutrition guidance system.

The breadless chicken fingers at Zaxby’s are a great option for those on a diet or trying to cut down on calories. They come with a side of Buffalo Chicken Dip, which you can only order in the drive-thru. It isn’t high in sugar, but it does add a few extra calories. Buffalo chicken dip, however, is a great option for dipping your chicken fingers.

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