How many types of haulage are there?

Haulage is an industry that most of us are unaware of until something goes wrong. There are numerous types of haulage and each has its own specific purpose. Understanding the different types of haulage (road haulage) will help you to be a more informed and safer driver.

1-    General freight

The first type of haulage is general freight. This includes any type of merchandise that needs to be transported from one location to another. General freight can include anything from groceries to furniture. This type of haulage is the most common and it is also the easiest to find companies that specialize in this type of transport.

2-    Over-dimensional loads

Another type of haulage is over-dimensional loads. These are generally larger items that need to be shipped via a specialized carrier. Over-dimensional loads can include construction equipment, vehicles, or even boats. Because these items are larger and heavier, they require special permits and insurance in order to be shipped legally.

3-    Hazmat shipping

One other type of haulage is Hazmat shipping. This involves the transport of hazardous materials such as chemicals or radioactive materials. Hazmat shipments are heavily regulated and require special training for the drivers who will be transporting these materials.

4-    Dangerous goods shipping

Finally, there is a dangerous goods shipping. This type of haulage includes items that are considered to be a danger to the public if they were to leak or spill. Dangerous goods can include things like gasoline, oil, and other flammable liquids. Shipping these types of items requires special training and permits in order to ensure the safety of the public.


All of these types of haulage have their own specific regulations and requirements. It is important to understand all of the different types of haulage before you begin driving a truck on the road. By understanding the different types of haulage, you can be a more informed and safer driver.

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