6 things PR people should know about Wikipedia

A good PR always knows the importance of Wikipedia for their client’s brand, they know how to edit and originate an article and also know how to avoid too much PR speaking when the editing task for their client’s is done for the Wikipedia pages. Spending little time learning about the Wikipedia in’s and out’s can really make your brain brush up with all the informational mysteries. By using just a few keystrokes you can contribute to the most widely read publication in history. Dream for a PR!

Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia where anyone can edit, PR people and Wiki editors are often at odds about the objective reporting when it comes to a client’s, litigious situations. The reputation of your client and you are hard to shed on Wikipedia.

Here are 6 things which PR people should know before editing 

  1. Wikipedia is a breathing new source powered by people which sounds simple but easy for a PR person to think about the correction or deletion of a paragraph. There are close to 10 people who are editing almost 5 million Wikipedia articles every second and there are 27 million users and the important fact is that there has never been any collaborative projects. Some PR pros which need to be carefully handled is that much of the hyperbole is not enough sources and your text can be instantly deleted or even words the brand page can be deleted. 
  2. The editors of Wikipedia are the ones who can see the characters you add and delete. So if a brand or article looks like a PR person or marketing department working on by deleting too much or changing too much can be added to the list, so you have to be careful again and know that you are being watched.
  3. Although Wikipedia has no fast rolls and there are always new understanding implemented in 2014 semi: if you are being paid by a client for editing a page you should make it clear and claim your relationship and if you are not doing so then you have to note that as well.
  4. Always try to prove your text and topic relevant even before uploading to the web. If you work on any historical topic you need to take up sources on that topic and try to prove everything true. Always be clear about the sources which you present and choose wisely to work and get updated on the older materials which are already present in Wikipedia.
  5. The writers of Wikipedia are usually male and gender is just the tip of the iceberg and here you can say that Wikipedia has a bias. The disadvantage of many kinds of inappropriate difficulties and engaging with Wikipedia. 
  6. The experts of Wikioo are those whose mission is to help and navigate the PR pros and brands through the wiki waters. If anyone needs help with articles they can take help from the Wikipedia-and your client does not need to know about anything related to posting those and does not know about the nuisance which is created in between, but the valuable inside a PR person will gain from Wikipedia and expert can really help to stop the PR toolbox too.

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