The 9 best free games you can play right now

Check out our list of the 9 best free-to-play video games.

Playing video games can be expensive. The price of the games, added to the price of a console, can quickly add up. Especially since PS5 and Xbox Series titles are even more expensive than previous console generations.

Fortunately, a new trend has really emerged in the last ten years: free-to-play games. These free games sometimes have the sly ambition to make you spend a maximum of money as quickly as possible by creating frustration. But others are “real” video games in their own right. And we’ll show you right now.

The 9 free-to-play games we are going to present to you are really worth a visit. Even if some of them are obviously known by everyone, others are much more confidential, surely in the shadow of the free-to-play behemoths or of their own genre.

Fortunately, our list is here to give them some light and, above all, to let you discover them. Here are the 9 best free-to-play video games.

Let it Die

Let it Die is a completely crazy rogue-like game. Its humor is as much worth the detour as its nervous gameplay and perfectly oiled mechanics. Even if the game regularly pushes you to spend money, nothing forces you to enjoy it.


Despite its exceptional quality, Warframe is far from being the most popular F2P. The TPS is however a model of the genre. Never an incentive to buy, the game mechanics are perfectly oiled and will delight grind fans. Its realization forces the respect and has nothing to envy to many triple A.


The most popular free-to-play game in recent years, perhaps even in the history of video games, had to be named. Epic Games’ battle-royal still attracts millions of players who can’t get enough of the race to the top 1. And crossovers, like the latest one with Naruto, only reignite interest in Fortnite.


If Halo and Portal had a child, it would be Splitgate. The FPS is inspired by the cult sagas without forgetting to bring its own touch. The use of portals is fun, especially since the different maps are all good.


Brawlhalla is no longer young, but is still one of the best free-to-play games on the market. This 2D fighting game offers hours of fun with its dynamic system and its numerous characters with various abilities.

Path of Exile

If you are a Diablo fan, we can only recommend you to rush to Path of Exile. The title includes most of the elements that make the license so strong, and even offers more freedom in the builds.

Genshin Impact

How can we not mention the incredible Genshin Impact, the most profitable game in history? Rarely has a free-to-play game been so generous with players. Of course, the incentive to buy is there, but the content of the game is gargantuan and offers dozens of hours without having to spend a single euro. You can enjoy the game’s beautiful open world, its dynamic battles involving the elements and its catchy story, also rare for a F2P.


Halfway between Counter Strike and Overwatch, Valorant has managed to make its mark on the competitive FPS market. The F2P offers intense confrontations, notably thanks to its very good level-design and the characters’ abilities.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone definitely deserves its place in this list. The battle-royal gathers millions of players every day, even if it means overshadowing Call of Duty: Vanguard, the new opus of the series released in November.

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