What the Heck is Marketing Anyway?

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If you’re a newbie to the world of WhatsApp marketing, you might be wondering what the heck is marketing anyway. Let’s talk about what makes marketing effective and what’s not. Marketing isn’t advertising, but it is about building long-term relationships with your customers. Let’s start by exploring the definition of marketing. It is the practice of attracting, converting, and delighting customers. Marketing can be described as any activity that involves the creation of long-term relationships with your customers.

WhatsApp is a marketing channel

If you’re wondering if WhatsApp is a marketing channel, consider the following tips. Since WhatsApp messages have impressive open rates, marketers should focus on producing engaging content. Instead of making every message promotional, aim to educate or entertain your audience. Since most of us check our messengers while we’re on the go, multimedia files and emoji are a great way to reinforce your messages. As a bonus, WhatsApp also opens a chat for you. This means that your marketing campaign will get more engagement than if you simply text your message to a stranger.

While using WhatsApp as a marketing channel is very simple, it doesn’t mean you should forgo other strategies. First, focus on enhancing your brand’s personality. Create an appealing profile and make sure your brand’s personality aligns with that of your target audience. Second, train your audience to reply to your messages. You can do this by creating small giveaways and answering questions posed by your audience. You can also use WhatsApp to offer leads to your product or service.

A poor messaging experience can lead customers away. Even if you have the most enticing product in the world, a poor experience can turn them off. With this in mind, it’s crucial to build a great relationship with your customers via WhatsApp. This way, you can ensure a positive experience for both you and your customers. You’ll be surprised at how much better your customer relationships are if you’re using messengers to reach out to them.

Marketing isn’t advertising

If you’re a new business, marketing isn’t something you bolt on. Instead, start with the product you want to make, and then develop marketing to solve customer pain points. Advertising is a necessary evil, but marketing doesn’t create it. So, how do you go about creating marketing? Consider these tips. Let’s explore each of them in detail. Listed below are three tips to create effective marketing for your new business.

1. Know your audience. Marketing isn’t just advertising. Marketing is the art of telling stories to your target audience. Your message must solve a problem and be relevant to your target audience. Marketing is a process of conversations, so it’s vital to know what your target audience wants to hear. When it’s done well, customers will tell others about your product or service. In addition, marketing is the business of meaning and conversations.

Marketing is building long-lasting relationships with customers

Marketing is building long-lasting relationships with customers. In addition to increasing sales, this strategy will reduce customer attrition and increase employee morale. It can even turn your customers into your R&D department. For example, imagine you hire a Santa who will tell kids in their store not to go anywhere else, but who will be wowed by the level of customer service you provide. The same thing will happen if you hire a Kris Kringle to be in-store Santa. You can probably guess what that means: Macy’s hires a Santa who will delight children, but who will tell parents to go to other stores. This customer service strategy works.

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