How to Set a Pause Time on a Piso WiFi Device

10001 piso wifi pause time

If you want to adjust the pause time of your Piso WiFi device, you must first log into the administrator portal of the Piso website. In the “Setting a pause time on a Piso WiFi device” section, click “Manage bandwidth and pause time.” This will let you change the lapse time and manage your data usage. You can also manage your password and logout time by changing the pause time.


A pause time can be a good way to conserve data and limit the time your Internet connection is active. You can choose to pause your connection for up to 15 minutes at a time. Then, you can resume your web association and continue surfing. This is particularly useful if you tend to use the internet excessively. But how do you choose the pause time? Read on to find out how to set one.

The internal clock of your PISO WiFi router triggers the pause time. If your pause time is too long, your internet connection may disconnect. To fix this problem, simply change the pause time or restart your device. These solutions aren’t universal and may not work for your circumstances. To check if these steps are working, please visit the manufacturer’s website. If you still have trouble, check your software and firmware for updates.

Using the IP address

To set a pause time on your Piso WiFi connection, you should go to the administrator portal of your Piso device, then select the option “Setting a pause time on a network.” Once there, you can change the ‘pause time’ and manage the bandwidth that is used during the ‘pause period’. In this way, you can prevent your Piso WiFi from being active too long, causing you to lose valuable data.

To set a pause time on your Piso WiFi connection, you need to change the default IP address. If it is, you can start by changing your administrator password on your Piso device. Make sure to change the default gateway address, too, as the Piso IP address is the same as your router’s IP address. Next, you need to access the administrator portal on the Piso website. Once you have done so, restart any connected devices.

Monitoring your data usage

If you are a Piso WiFi user and have trouble logging into the Piso portal, you can contact their support team. You will need to enter a valid email ID and password and follow the prompts to reset your Piso WiFi password. In case you do not know your password, you will be emailed instructions. Once you have changed the password, you can visit the Piso portal and monitor your data usage.

The Piso WiFi pause time function is a useful feature that lets you pause your internet connection while you’re downloading large files. It can also be useful when you’re playing online games or watching videos. WiFi networks broadcast two identifiers – a pause identifier and a connect identifier – which allow the router to recognize your device.

Using the pause time function

You can pause your internet connection and restart it later. This is useful if you’re downloading large files, watching videos, or playing games. WiFi networks broadcast two identifiers, the pause identifier and the reconnect identifier. The pause identifier is sent when your device reconnects to the wifi network, and is typically 255. It helps the router recognize your device, so you can continue to use it.

If you want to pause or resume your connection, you can log in to the Piso WiFi web portal and access its configurations. You can change the default gateway address and password, as well as change the pause time. To configure this feature, you must first log into the Admin Portal. To do so, enter your Wi-Fi router’s SSID and password.

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