Exotic Pop the Unique Beverage Boutique

In Houston, you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks at Petez Pop – Exotic Soda & Snack Store in Rhode Island. The cool cup juices available at the boutique include Berry Lemonade and Green Apple. The business started out as a personal project by Wilson, who was traveling to Louisiana for a semester and bought Creole sodas to resell in Houston. While there, he spent his entire paycheck on soda!

West & East Coasts

Today, the beverage boutique is expanding its retail locations across the U.S., with flagship locations on both the west and east coasts. They are currently constructing a new store in Houston that will feature a stage and event space for live music. Exotic pops also represents local musicians and has plans to launch a cream soda brand. Eventually, they plan to expand to other areas of the country. Until then, expect to see a wide range of beverages at their Houston locations.

Drinks & Beverages

Though Exotic Pop didn’t immediately become popular, it quickly surpassed expectations and has since grown into a national network of 70+ stores. In fact, they have also begun selling their drinks online. Exotic Pop recently announced a licensing agreement with PepsiCo and plans to debut its signature line of drinks and beverages in 2019. Click here for more info!

Pop-Top-Based Soda Brand

The company first started out as a pop-top-based soda brand. After being successful, the company went on to name their sodas after rap artists. DJ Screw, for example, has a drink named after him, which is known as DJ Screw. The company now has a wide variety of drinks to choose from, ranging from flavored juice to a branded pet water. This unique brand has made Houston proud!

Entertainers & Urban Cultures

The founders of Exotic Pops started as soda re-sellers in Houston and purchased Louisiana sodas to re-sell in the city. Today, they have expanded into a multi-million dollar niche beverage business, bringing legendary entertainers and urban cultures together. In fact, they recently closed a licensing deal with PepsiCo and launched a signature line of beverages with their brand. As the company continues to grow, they have integrated hip-hop culture, art, and fashion into their beverage offerings.

In 2019, the brand landed a licensing deal with Pepsi, launching a line of hip-hop icons-inspired beverages. Products included drinks like DJ Screw, Big Mo, and Fat Pat. Other flavors included Dennis Graham’s Pops Cream Soda, Mama Moe’s 3rd Ward Sweet Tea, and Big Hawk’s 3rd Ward soda. The drinks did not only hit shelves, but they surpassed expectations by generating $6 million in profit for 2021. In addition to branded beverages, Exotic Pop also created gourmet snack foods like pretzels and popcorn.

Social Media

In addition to their popular sodas, Exotic Pop also developed branded water for dogs and cats. Initially, Wilson only sold these beverages to barber shops, but eventually began selling them directly to consumers and other businesses. The company used social media to promote the drinks on Instagram. Wilson chose to name his drinks pop because the drinks were unfamiliar with the region. Though this wasn’t a novel concept, Wilson’s keen eye for marketing propelled the company forward.

In addition to their sodas, Exotic Pop also distributes a range of rare flavors. They emphasize international flavors and sell them both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Some of the rare flavors available on the company’s website include Old Tyme Blue Pop and Strawberry, Fanta Apple, and Peach. Other brands include Crush Cream Soda, Solo Banana Soda, and Sunkist Fruit Punch.

Final Words:

A popular drink that’s not available in the local market is Fanta White Peach. It costs a little more than $10 and can be found at Exotic Pop stores. A 20-ounce bottle of Fanta will set you back just over $20. It is also a status symbol for rappers, including Murda

. Thousands of artists and rap producers have used Fanta flavors in their music. This is how Exotic Pop got its start.

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