5 Ways in Which Wakelet Can Help Your Team Work Better Together


A collection on Wakelet can be shared with anyone, or kept private for a particular student. Private collections are only visible to the student who created them. To view these, students must login. Students can choose from a variety of views, including Grid View, Media View, and Compact. Students can also create a mood board in Wakelet. Creating a mood board on Wakelet is a powerful way to capture ideas and share them with others.

Curate content

If you’re wondering how to best create a Wakelet, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your curation tool. Wakelet is a tool that helps you organize, annotate, and share materials in the most creative way possible. Its technology is highly intuitive and is built to integrate seamlessly with existing structures and workflows. The most important feature of Wakelet is its ability to automatically generate lists of relevant items based on your criteria.

When curating content, it is important to include a link to the original source. This will help build connections and make your content appear credible and well-researched. Additionally, you should include your own take on the content. For example, if you were to curate a list of the top 5 articles published on the Internet in the last week, you should include your own words and not just copy and paste the metadata and opening paragraph from the original source.

Invite collaborators

The Wakelet application lets you collaborate with your team during meetings, making it ideal for teams that might not be as verbally expressive. By sharing a collection link with your team and asking them to spend five meetings adding their ideas to it, you can encourage everyone to contribute ideas at their own pace. In addition, this new feature allows quieter team members to see and comment on each other’s ideas, sparking constructive thinking. Listed below are some of the ways in which Wakelet can help your team work better together.

Create a new space or collection. To invite other Wakelet users, click the + symbol located under your profile picture. In the resulting window, you can create a name for your new space. From there, you can invite collaborators by clicking the link or copying and pasting the code. If you’re not sure how to invite collaborators, visit the training center and help center. You can also get help in navigating the platform.

Export to PDF

If you’d like to export your content to PDF, Wakelet has the perfect tool for you. The tool lets you export all of your collections as PDFs, including your research for uni, PR coverage, and even interactive PDFs. To export your collections to PDF, all you have to do is go to your collection page and click the arrow button at the bottom. After you’ve done this, you can export your collection as a PDF file and share it on social media.

Teachers love Wakelet. It helps them curate online resources by giving them an easy way to find them. Students use it to collate their own collections, and teachers can share their collections with others. Teachers can also use it as a presentation tool for professional development. With it, teachers can deliver the story of a development program, and share it with colleagues. When presenting to colleagues, students can share what they have learned with their peers.

Create digital portfolios

Whether you’re creating a portfolio for students or as a teacher, you’ve probably heard of Wakelet. These digital portfolios allow students to showcase their learning and creations, and they can be created for any age group or content area. Wakelet can help you build a portfolio in an easy and effective manner. It also helps teach students about digital curation. If you want to know more, check out their podcasts.

The app works similarly to a digital journal, so you can add photos and videos from different applications. It also allows you to share things from your Twitte r and Adobe Creative Cloud. You can also choose to submit your portfolios to showcase your work. It’s an excellent way to show potential employers your work, and you can share it with your colleagues. You can even invite others to view your portfolio to build relationships with them.

Invite students to do a Wakelet

A Wakelet is a great way to introduce students to one another and to the rest of the class. A Wakelet can be used as a digital journal for students, with textboxes for details such as important dates or upcoming projects. It can also be used to upload photos or other items from the Adobe Creative Cloud or Twitter. Students can also submit portfolios or other materials, including video explainers. You can find many other uses for a Wakelet.

Wakelet is free and easy to use. It supports several academic activities, including research, storytelling, curation, and collaboration. Teachers can use Wakelet to organize lesson plans, prepare learning materials, and present content to their students. It also helps them share their collections with others. The great thing about Wakelet is that it’s easy to get started! Invite students to do a Wakelet today and start using this innovative tool in your classes!

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