What Kind Of Motor Do Electric Skateboards Use?

The standard VK ratings in the electric skateboard out runner motor can range between 140KV up to 220KV. This is different from hub motors. However, hub motors do not have gear reductions and pulleys to their final speeds and tonnage. They typically have a smaller VK (80-100KV) to ensure comparable torque.

Learn To Make Your Electric Skateboard 

Hybrid models to make learning a simple process for novices. The Bustin remote-controlled skateboard is ideal not only for getting started but also for pushing the boundaries. The electronic hybrid board’s low resistance makes it feel like a traditional skateboard since you can maintain your speed when you release the energy. 

This is essential for enjoying the riding. It’s not necessary to be concerned about the position of your feet, and should you lean back enough, it will feel natural. This is also helpful when you accelerate when rolling. The transition from cruising speed to full power is smoother unless you’re in gear four and trying to be scared of yourself.

What Is The Motor That Boosted Boards Run On?

The Boosted Board Stealth is an electric skateboard manufactured by the American brand Boosted Boards. This skateboard is fitted with two belt motors of 1050 watts, allowing you to achieve speeds as high as 38 km/h.

How Do You Choose The Suitable Motor?

When deciding between electric skateboard motors, it is crucial to realize that there isn’t a single best all-around motor. Only appropriate motors are based on the things you’re looking for in the market – speed, torque, and stealth. They also have sensors and more.

In that regard, this is an overview of the most appropriate motors based on various elements. In terms of speed, belt drives provide the highest torque compared to drive hubs and direct drives. They also have more excellent acceleration, with the only exception being Enertion Raptor 2.

Custom Belt drives can be highly customizable because they do not limit you to wheel choices. The belt drive system allows you to use any long board wheel, whether big, complex, or small. What a treat! Direct drives offer the same advantages as belt drives, even if not at an even higher quality, but they’re not the most popular type of motor available on the marketplace.

Noise Direct Drives top belt drives and hub motors for noise. If you’re particularly concerned about the noise, your skateboard emits when it zooms through a crowd or other people, an electronic board that runs via a direct drive may be the best choice.

All that said, there are a few motor suggestions for you:

  • Motor 6374
  • Motor 6355
  • 70mm Hub motors
  • 90mm Hub motors

Electric Skateboard Motor Wrap Up?

As you’ve seen, this electronic board component affects your experience’s speed. No matter which configuration you select (single, dual belt, hub, or belt), it is essential to perform regular maintenance to ensure that your performance doesn’t decrease.

Be aware that the terrain of your region will determine which motor you need to choose. A weak motor (e.g., one configuration) will disappoint. Once you’ve figured out all that is involved in an average electric skateboard’s engine, what will help you choose which motor to use?

Whatever option you pick, we are more convinced that you’ve chosen the best option.

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