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Discovering new movies doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to a new list of the best new movies released every week, you can easily find the most exciting films. Some movies require a certain level of bravery to see in the theaters, while others are available on the internet. Here, we’ve compiled the most popular films of each week – from tiny international dramas to blockbuster action movies to auteurist awards favorites.

IMDb’s definitive source for discovering new movies

If you’re interested in finding new movies to watch, IMDb is the ultimate resource. The website is accessible to all Internet users and has over 250 million unique monthly visitors. The site is run by volunteers, and its founder Col Needham is one of the 40 most tenured employees at Amazon. As a result, IMDb has a diverse and constantly growing database. Users can search for movies and stars, and contribute information about the movies they’ve seen.

IMDb Pro Discover is IMDb’s most advanced product, and includes 25 new search filters, 11 million professional name pages, and more. Designed for movie and television professionals, IMDbPro is an advanced version of IMDb. It allows users to customize, export, and share dynamic lists. Users can choose to see only new movies, or browse through their existing Watchlists. You can also share the Watchlist with others to keep track of the movies you’ve seen.

Films by Richard Linklater

The director, producer, and screenwriter Richard Stuart Linklater has created several movies that revolve around suburban culture and the effects of time. His films are a perfect combination of style and substance, and are sure to please any film fan. Read on to learn more about his work and discover his best films. Listed below are some of the best films by Linklater. A review of each film follows. There is one film that stands out above all the others.

In 1985, Linklater founded the Austin Film Society with Chale Nafus and Charles Ramirez-Berg. Along with them, Linklater co-founded the Austin Film Festival (SXSW). In 1996, he met fellow filmmaker and SXSW alum George Morris. In addition to Linklater’s acclaimed films, he was a mentor to many young filmmakers.

Films by Ana de Armas

Spanish-Cuban actress Ana de Armas Caso began her career in her native Cuba. She gained fame in the romantic drama Una rosa de Francia. At age 18, she relocated to Madrid, Spain and starred in the teen drama El Internado. Since then, she has become one of Spain’s most popular actresses.

“Knives Out” is one of Ana de Armas’s most acclaimed films. The film won the actress the 2019 Golden Globe for Best Actress. It received several awards and nominations and grossed forty million dollars worldwide. The film is now available on Netflix. Ana de Armas’s career has reached Hollywood, having appeared in 31 films to date. The following are some of her most popular films:

“Love Actually” is a romantic comedy loosely based on real events. The story revolves around a pair of Americans who work for the American government. Miles Teller and Jonah Hill play two young men, one of whom is an agent. Ana de Armas plays Miles’ girlfriend. The film is a hit with audiences and critics alike. Despite the fact that there’s a lot of romantic comedy in today’s entertainment industry, Ana de Armas shows her versatility and bravery in this movie.

Films based on books by Josephine Decker

Her last film, “Shirley,” was a seethingly interior biopic that won critical praise at Sundance. “The Sky Is Everywhere,” based on the novel by Jandy Nelson, examines young love and loss. She has a history of tackling subjects that women often find uncomfortable, and she brings that experience to the screen.

Among her other works, Decker’s film Shirley premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Special Jury Award for Auteur Filmmaking. Another recent work, Madeline’s Madeline, premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. This film was nominated for two Film Independent Spirit Awards and received numerous accolades, including the Best Picture Award at the Independent Filmmaker Project Gotham Awards. She’s also a noted artist, exhibiting her work in art galleries and film festivals.

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