Important tools of a school management system

Institution management is one of the most difficult tasks because it is mostly related to the social sciences. Situations are unpredictable, and so is the present world scenario. The school staff needs the right amount of encouragement and aspects such as an LMS portal (LMS Full form), software for managing performance, timetable, resources, and so on. 

However, a lot of schools are doing these things manually. It is time-consuming, and a school misses out on a huge chunk of its budget to pay individuals who have to do the manual work. This is why a school management system should be adopted for better learning and managing experience. 

Here are a few tools that are a must-have in the admission management system;

  • Attendance management software

Attendance management is required not only for students but also for teachers, especially if some staff members are getting paid hourly and aren’t salaried yet.


  • Reduction in manual paperwork
  • Less time and effort spent in calculating payment of non-salaried employee members
  • Tracking student performance
  • Storing employee and student attendance data for future reference
  • Timetable software

Every class has a different timetable followed for the day. Teachers also have a different timetable because they don’t teach the same grade every day or throughout the day. This means that manually preparing and maintaining a timetable will lead to making multiple errors. Students are known to misunderstand timetables and note down whether they have a day off for some classes or not. 

This is why timetable management software is important because it includes helpful features such as sending a notification for reminding students to join a class or informing them about an assignment due in the upcoming day for a subject included in the next day’s timetable.


  • Organized automatic timetable generation for students, teachers, and institute staff
  • Allotting classes to teachers in case of emergency or when a teacher is absent
  • Allotting lab periods and PE classes as per availability

School transportation tracking system

Not every student coming to school live in the same area. For children who use the transportation procedures and methods provided by the school, such as a school bus, tracking software is required. It will help parents be reassured that they will be able to look up where their child currently is. An institution is also relieved because tracking software enables them who identify where the vehicle currently is.

This is usually done by attaching a vehicle tracking device to the school bus as a means of transportation like a pool car. or students can have RFID tags attached to their bag, or ID card. Having tracking software on their mobile phones is also helpful, provided the institution allows it. This is an easier method of tracking because it uses the common GPS.


  • Parents and teachers know about the whereabouts of their students, school buses, or other transport in real-time so an LMS portal or school management system allocating for location update
  • School bus driver activities and time management values are monitored by the institution
  • Parents worry less about their students, and school authorities don’t stress about the delay in the arrival time of students
  • Workforce management software

Every staff member of an institution has the capability and potential to work up to certain limits. A workforce management software helps in determining their potential and limitations so that work can be allotted to them accordingly for maximized productivity. 


  • The sustainable procedure of managing work
  • More discipline and organization due to the creation of timetables and other work-related procedures by the software
  • Less amount of manual paperwork, leading to fewer errors
  • Accessing the attendance history of employees, teachers and students easily
  • Evaluating teacher and student performance
  • Evaluating the skills and delivery capabilities of institution employee

Smart cards

Using smart cards in a school is still a faraway goal because the above provided the systems with the four basic tools necessary. However, a smart card will be an all-in-one solution for everything in a school. With one tap, they can view their routine, inquire about holidays, upcoming events, syllabus, and everything else that concerns their education. 

Teachers can also use their smart cards to punch in and punch out every day, view schedules, and track student performance.

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