is a web-based social media hack tool that allows its users to boost their social media profiles. This app grants free likes, views, comments, and followers on different social media applications without charging any amount from its users. is perfectly working across the globe for all Android users. This app has enhanced the audience reach for many brands and influencers. Influencers and brands can endorse their product or views on social media platforms to a large number of people without allocating a specific budget to boost audience reach.


File formatAPK file format
CategorySocial hack tools & apps
Developed byAutofree.IN
Scanning reportNo malware detected APK

This app is available in APK file format for all its Android users across the world. is working perfectly for all Android devices with the latest updates. This app is not accessible for IOS users because the built-in security system of IOS prevents all sorts of social hack tools to get installed as it may contain a virus. All the Android users can get facilitated with the services of this app and can get the number of likes, comments, and followers on their social media profiles. Tik Tok is equally good for the Tik Tok users as it helps to boost their profiles by granting them free followers and views on their video content. This app has made it easy for all the new accounts of Tik Tok to get prominent within no time. grants followers and likes on all Tik Tok profiles without considering the age of the account. This app is equally feasible for the new and old accounts of Tik Tok.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Free to useThird-party involvement
Unlimited number of followers and LikesNot accessible for IOS users
Registration is optionalFollowers may unfollow at any time
Provides followers from real-time IDsOrder proceeding time is high
No compromise on the security of user’s dataRequire Android version of v5.0 to get installed
Secure and 100 Authentic appToo many ads while using the app

Users guide

  • Users need to have access to the app by searching on Google or by clicking the link.
  • After having access, a new tab will open “Free likes, comments, followers “.
  • Choose the desired option and press “Use” to proceed further.
  • A new tab will open, press the option “skip advertisement” and then click the option of “Continue”.
  • You will get your desired result within 30 minutes.

Similar Apps like

There are many apps that operate in the same manner as Does. These apps are


Zefoy is a free web-based social hack app that is available in APK file format to its users. This app is only accessible for all Android users having a file size of 9.7MB with the latest updated version. Zefoy is perfectly working for its users and facilitating its users to boost their Instagram profiles. Zefoy is granting the number of followers and likes to its Instagram users without charging any amount from them.

Free get followers

Freegetfollowers with the involvement of a third-party tool granting its users free likes, followers, and views on Instagram posts. This app has increased the post reachability of its users free of cost. Freegetfollowers has eradicated the concept of using a bulk of Hashtags to enhance the post reachability. This app is only accessible for Android users and not available for IOS users due to its intense built-in security system. Freegetfollowers is available in APK file format having a file size of 8MB.

Final words

Autofree. is facilitating the audience by allowing them to boost their social media profiles without spending any specific cost. Many apps charge whopping amounts from their users to grant them followers and likes on their social media posts, But this app grants free followers and likes to its users. This app is available for all Android users with a file size of just 9.7MB that doesn’t occupy too much space on your device. Grants free followers and likes after every 2 hours make it more fascinating for the users. Plenty of features associated with this app that is paving the way for its success among its competitors.

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