The 77% Spike in Online Dating Scams & Ways To Avoid Them in The Smartest Way Possible 

I have always been fond of dating websites and believe one should always have their options open. You never know where you might find the perfect soulmate so why not try? I have used several dating apps over the years and have gone on many dates as well. I do not remember all of them but there is this one person I came across that I will never forget. 

I came across this person, went on dates, and everything went perfectly fine. We shared wonderful calls, deep conversations, got butterflies whenever I heard his voice, and much more.  It actually seemed too good to be true! I thought I was just overthinking but  I had a gut feeling that something was off. The person started acting really weird and asked for money in a way that I could not refuse. Now, I had some knowledge regarding online dating scams and that is when I started doing my research. 

When I searched for the types of dating scams and came across this website called ‘Global Payback’. Clicking on the website’s link from google was the best decision I have ever made, not even kidding. I got a lot of information regarding online dating scams from this funds recovery website and even got in touch with their customer representative who helped me a lot. 

The person educated me a lot on this topic and that is when I realized that I was actually getting scammed. I am actually so grateful that I trusted my gut feeling instead of actually believing the person or else I would be bankrupt by now. I didn’t send him a single penny and cut all connections with him. Can’t believe I was about to fall for a complete scammer who never had feelings for me. 

The Top Tips Recommended to Me By Global Payback

  • Do not Trust the Other Person

One of the biggest reasons people get scammed is because they trust the other person quite quickly. They believe their lies and think that the person is suffering through a lot. This is when instead of thinking rationally, they let their feelings come in the way. 

  • Do not Share Personal Details 

When you get in touch with someone online, do not open up that easily. You never really know what intentions the other person has regarding you. Just be careful and take your time. Observe the other person and do not tell any details such as your financial details, address, parents’ name, or anything of that sort. 

  • Trust Your Gut Feeling

Never ever believe that your gut feeling is wrong. 90% of the time your gut feeling is right which you just ignore. When you get a feeling that something is off, believe it and walk away. 

Get Your Money Back Today if You Are a Victim! 

Even if you got scammed, it is all going to be okay. All you need to do is lodge a complaint and get in touch with us who is going to be there for you just like they were there for me. 

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