Get Insights of The 5 Most Popular Online Scams to Be Aware of in 2022

Online scams have grown over the years but I never really thought I would be a victim of it. I started dealing in stocks a while back and thought I would hire a broker who would help me with the entire thing for a small fee. Little did I know that the broker who was supposed to help me would actually run away with my money. 

So, when I hired the broker, he said he had helped a number of clients in the past and helped them make tons of money. None of that was true in reality. He would make stupid excuses whenever I asked him why I wasn’t making any money? He never really had a definite answer. The fake broker disappeared all of a sudden and I realized all my money was gone! This literally felt like the end of the world. However, this is when a friend of mine told me about the company ‘Fundstrace’ who helped me get my money back. The company has a team of experts who carefully examined my case, investigated it, and compiled my case. I do not know how they did it but they actually got me my funds back. 

5 Popular Scams You Need to Stay Informed Of 

When I was scammed, I did my research and learned a lot about the common scams out there. These include: 

1- Dating Scams

Dating scams are one of the most popular ones happening nowadays.  I learned there are millions of people who have gone through a dating scam and lost their money in the name of love. It is just sad how people use your emotions to get money from you. These people do not scam you in the beginning. What they do is that they make you trust them, fall for them, and then get money from you. They also never meet you. They either say that they do not have money to travel and meet you or send you a picture of a fake ticket and make up an excuse.

2- Phishing

Phishing is one of the most common scams out there. This happens when you get a malicious link from someone and once you click on it, all your information is sent to the other person, including your financial details. This is when the person gets a hold of all your money. 

3- Fake Antivirus Software

This happens when you get pop-up ads that ask you to download software for complete security. However, in reality, the software that claims to keep your privacy protected ends up giving all your information to the scammer. 

4- Fake Shopping Websites

Fake shopping websites send you a fake receipt and never send your product to you and block you as well. 

5- Trading Scams

Trading scams happen when people hire fake brokers who claim to be the best ones in the market and end up running away with your money. 

Key Takeaways

If you ever think you are being reeled into one of these scams, get more information at the Fundstrace website! One time I thought I was being tricked into an online shopping scam, so then I went onto their website and got the A to Z information on what to do in cases such as this. 

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