5 Best Claw Clips of 2022 For A Hassle-Free Yet Stylish Look 

Summer is right around the corner ladies, so why not kick off this warm season with ponytail updos that will make you look sizzling hot! If you have fine hair like I do, then you all know the struggle of making your updo stay in place while still looking voluminous – but wait! I have a solution for that as well. Jazz up your look with the 5 best claw clips in town. The claw clips mentioned in the list below are the most wanted hair accessories in 2022 and trust me I tried and tested each claw clip out for myself and even I am a fan! 

1. The Claw Clip Straight Ponytail 

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness certainly didn’t come across this claw clip ponytail. Made of synthetic fibers that are heat resistant – this claw clip ponytail goes a long way. During a heatwave, this will prove to be functional in keeping your hair away from your neck yet stylish all at the same time. This has been my favorite so far this year! 

2. Suncharm Claw Clips 

If you haven’t gone to get your haircut in a long time and now you are giving Rupenzel a competition, then these claw clips are the way to go! Not only will they keep your hair out of the way, but they come in a pack of three. So, even if you lose one – you have got yourself a backup! 

3. Hair Claw Clips 

Tired of your dull brown hair claw clips that make your hair updo look outdated? Then add a touch of style to your day-to-day look with Juvabun’s sleek and stylish gold claw clips. While they may look cute, small, and delicate – they really do a great job keeping your hair in place. Whenever I go to the gym, I use this claw clip to keep my bun tied up! 

4. The Octopus Claw Clip 

This round-shaped clip is what most people call modern and trendy – but still gets the job done! It is so lightweight and not heavy that when you wear this type of claw clip, it’ll keep your hair in place while making it seem as if you aren’t even wearing a clip – that is until someone compliments you on how cool your clip looks. 

5. The Bardot Clips 

These clips have a rectangular shape with tiny teeth-like claws that can secure your hair in place. There are numerous Bardot-style claw clip options available in the market – some even come in vibrant colors with unique hand-painted patterns on them. Talk about adding a touch of personal style – am I right?! 

Get Your Claw Clips Now & Beat The Heat! 

No matter which claw clip styles you go with, just make sure they are functional! Once you get your hands on a claw clip that works for you and your hair – it’s like you have found a four-leaf clover. Rare, but it is very special! 

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