Top 3 Scams Which Have Robbed People of So Much Money

The world is continuing to become more and more digitized and the dangers it comes with are endless. Sure, it does come with a lot of pros but you cannot ignore the dangers of it either. Due to digitization cybercrime is at its peak and we cannot say for sure when it is going to stop.  There are scams that are happening every second all over the world. Scams not only harm one financially, but mentally as well. Who would be okay with losing tons of dollars through a scam?  Since there is an increase in online scams, then it is a must for people to gain awareness regarding them as well in order to be careful. Have a look down at some of the most common online scams

Top 3 Scam You Need To Be Careful Of 

Here are the top 3 scams happening in today’s world that you must be aware of: 

1- Fake Ecommerce Websites 

Ecommerce websites have grown to a huge number however a lot of these are fake. These websites offer products at a very cheaper price that attracts customers. Customers make the purchase and when it comes to the payment, they are redirected to payment methods that are not secure. Not many people are aware of this and that is why they continue with the payment. During this time all their financial information is sent to the scammer. Once the payment is made, you are never going to receive the product and the company will not respond back to you at all. 

2- Online Dating Scams 

Online dating scams are on their peak as well. These happen through social media channels such as facebook and instagram as well as dating apps and websites. What happens is scammers get in touch with people who look a little rich through their profile and save the same hobbies as them. They move the conversation too quickly and express their feelings too early as well. However, they never meet you and always make excuses. The next thing you know is that they emotionally blackmail you to send them money. 

3- Fake Links 

We all get pop-up ads, don’t we? Most of the time these ads are fake and once you click on them, your computer can get hacked. At times, these ads claim that you need to update your security software which you will have to purchase through them. In reality, there is no software and you are simply getting scammed, that’s it! 

Got Scammed? Reach Out to Chargebacking 

If you ever get scammed online, then it is best that you reach out to Charge Backing, a company that specializes in helping people with online scams. The company is going to make sure to try everything they can regarding the scam and will help you in getting your money back. 

Anyways, it is best to stay careful at all times so keep yourself from cybercriminals and their tricks. 

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