The Most Common Online Dating Scams & The Best Way To Stay Clear

The hunger to be accepted, loved, pampered, listened and appreciated has always imprisoned people’s feelings for attention. Increasing technology has introduced the trend where merely luxury and perfect life, particularly a love life, are portrayed; however, online dating scams do give people a taste of struggling, unkind and dissembling aspects of life. The perspective of feeling complete has made people search for their soul mates, who do not always turn out to be true and in the case of online dating, due to scams, the majority of the time experiences are completely opposite – hurtful and damaging. Love can be an absolute blessing or a fire that can burn the soul. Online dating scams play the role of lighting that fire that burns people as their trust is shattered and, more specifically, completely worn out. An individual entirely and unconditionally invests their emotions, feelings, and efforts for one they have feelings because the energy they get makes them fly while their feet are on the ground, dream while they are awake, and talk to that special one although he is not around, in imagination. Dating is so that people feel special, wanted, and loved.

The Deceptive Nature Manipulates Us! 

Approximately over 1500 dating apps and websites are working to ship people together, help them find someone with whom they can spend their entire life, a perfect match for them. The perception of the online manner of working could be best demonstrated by how people wear dress shirts, ties, and coats for the online audience to see on zoom and shorts underneath because the audience can only see what is shown. Likewise, in online dating apps and websites, people can only perceive what is mentioned or revealed on the profile of an individual they are falling for. The Claimers’ experts have stated the ways online dating app or website users deceive people by specifying the process. The initial stage is the deceiver creates an attractive profile using a picture of a handsome, muscular, ultra-talented, and rich – not all characteristics are added; however, what matters as appearance for girls/boys to fall in trap is included. Further, when victims go head over heels with appearance, periodic conversation of sharing routine activity, exchanging memes and songs; the feelings get more cordial. Then comes the part when the victim is taken advantage of in multiple ways. Some criminals make use of the financial benefit, using the victim’s emotions and feelings to get money from them to a point when they are left with nothing to even carry out their own expenses. The scammers turn into blackmailers to lead the victims into illicit activities by cyberbullying, or unlawfully using their personal data which they happen to share after trusting the person they meet and fall in with, are also the consequence of online dating scams. The intimacy scam of getting closer and building physical relations with the victim, later leaving them with emotional breakdown.

Thus, online dating scams in the US had risen to 52,593 by 2020- two years back according to the research and it is still increasing leading to distrust, pain, and weak relations beliefs taking place.

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