Do You What The Most Common Online Dating Scams Are? Because Chargeback Way Surely Does! 

The internet is a place for people to connect, and it especially caters to single people looking to find that special someone. However, one should be wary of the scams that circle the online dating world. Let’s get into what an Online Dating Scam is and what the common scams are.  

What is an Online Dating Scam? 

Firstly, not everyone on dating sites is out to “scam” you. Some people are simply looking for companionship or even a long-term relationship. Although, you must keep in mind that you could fall victim to someone trying their luck if you are unaware of the types of Online Dating Scams and what to look out for. 

My Friend Got Scammed on a Dating Site and Lost $200+ 

A good friend of mine had been scammed out of $200 when led to believe that the person she was speaking to was in a bit of financial trouble. The person had proposed ways to pay the money back to her, but after receiving the money. The person had just disappeared and was out of her reach. 

This left her feeling helpless as she didn’t know what to do, or how to get her money back. She then came across Chargeback Way, an online platform that specializes in helping people who have been scammed. You might think after getting schemed that you couldn’t do anything about it, but that’s not the case. 

The Most Common Online Dating Scams

There are a few common online dating scams that have been around for a long time. These have been done over the years and even after being caught out, continue to surface on dating websites. 

  • The Bot 

Not an actual person but a bot that is programmed to start conversations on these dating websites to receive your personal information such as your bank details or credit card information, which would later be used to commit fraud. 

  • Too Good to be True 

This person is clearly out of your dating league or much younger than you yet shows interest in you and wants to get to know you quickly to get to your banking details, or to get expensive gifts from you.  

  • The Hard Come-On 

This can be extremely overwhelming speaking to someone who you barely know yet claim that they have a great liking for you and can even go as far as stating that they love you before they had a chance to meet you in person. 

  • The Spammer 

This is like the Bot, yet a person is the one behind the conversations. Once again, directing the conversation to get you to give your credit card information or banking details or even asking you to download certain apps which would then work in the background to get your personal details. 

This Funds Recovery Website Truly is A Life Saver! 

Chargeback Way is an online website that helps reimburse you after being scammed out of your money no matter the amount. You can visit their website at: and simply fill in a form to get assistance. 

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