Facebook messenger not working?

Facebook Messenger is a new social gadget used for instant messaging. This app was developed by Facebook as the first messenger and was a part of Facebook chat but later in 2018 Facebook released its new and improved app for messaging that is Facebook Messenger. This app can be used both on iOS and Android. Facebook launched a website interface and separated the message system from the main Facebook app. Facebook also released a messenger app on a desktop that means you can use a messenger app on your computer. Messenger is used for sending messages, photos, videos, audio, stickers, and files. You can also use it for video calling and group chats. You can log in to multiple accounts in Facebook Messenger. There is SMS support within messenger, you can have business interaction, track purchases, and receive messages and notifications. Facebook Messenger has a feature to share locations with friends. It lets users share their location temporarily for one hour at a time. You can also use it to call anyone and transfer money anywhere. There is an option known as ”secret conservation” where users can send each other self-destructing messages which will automatically remove permanently. You can play instant games on the messenger app. Messenger has its own popularity even after its separation from Facebook. Messenger has gained its position as a very high-level. Messenger frequently launched its new logo, Chat themes, and selfie stickers to keep its user interested in the app. Messenger is now building new features and functionality to keep the app popular and safe for all of us. To use messenger you need to log in with the same credential as the same credential that is used for Facebook login.

While using the Facebook Messenger app sometimes it suddenly facebook messenger not working. It doesn’t matter how popular a social app can get, it always has some issues. It can happen to you too. 

There are few solutions for messenger not working :-

  • You can always restart your phone 
  1. long-press your power key 
  2. power menu will appear 
  3. Click on the restart and wait for your phone to switch on again .

This remedy works all the time. You can use this with any app that faces this problem. 

  • If restarting doesn’t work on your phone, just try this one 
  1. Go to your phone setting 
  2. Click on app and notification 
  3. Select messenger option from the list of apps 
  4. You’ll find two options on the bottom of the screen 
  5. Firstly try force stop and if it doesn’t work then you can also use the option clear cache.
  • You can also try turning on and off your Internet connection.
  • Try to uninstall and then install the messenger app
  1. Go to the Google Play store and search for messenger 
  2. Click on the button to uninstall the app 
  3. After uninstalling click on install to reinstall the app 

If none of these options work.

  • You can contact the service center. They can probably help you correct any wrong settings in your phone and if it’s a hardware issue. They will fix it for you.
  • You should also change your password frequently. Changing password ensure the safety of your personal information. This could be the reason for FB messenger not working. Always try a new and unique password for your app. Keep your password that nobody can guess like ltyug247.

 It ensures fewer chances for hacking.

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