Best Monsoon Treks in India


ndia is a country having majestic mountains on all sides, which has given birth to the trekking community in different states of the country. Due to the proximity of various trekking courses in all parts of the nation, some treks are widely adored on any occasion, during the rainy season. Additionally, it is the rainstorm rains that breathe back the rich vegetation to these mountains, while offering dazzling perspectives to the trekkers. There are many monsoon treks in India, which comprise both the Himalayan trekking trails as well as pretty trails in the Western Ghats.

Valley of flowers

The Valley Of Flowers is easily the most well-known trek in Uttarakhand, but for quite a few reasons. his uneven path is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and is nestled inside the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. As the name represents, the spot changes into a massive floor covered with blossoms during the stormy season, making an elegant view. Also, the climate, the mists, the green grasslands, and the amazing scene of more than 300 types of unique snow-capped blossoms are great attractions. Lately, the World’s Biggest Tulip Garden Has Opened Up In Uttarakhand.

Kashmir Great Lakes

Kashmir is a paradise on Earth since it boasts some of the most uncommon treks you can trek onto. esides, if you think of yourself as a trekking lover and still haven’t tried this one, you’ve missed one of nature’s most wonderful, prompting exhibitions. As the name represents, the trail takes you to upwards of 7 risen lakes, each more beautiful than the other. he complete excellence of these lakes during the storms, the rich green grasslands, big blossoms and the snow-clad mountain tops of Kashmir are amazing.

Sinhagad Trek

 aharashtra houses various storm treks, but the Sinhagad Trek is one of the most popular treks and our best top choice too. The trail takes you to the stunning seventeenth-century verifiable for Sinhagad and makes for a perfect end of the week trip. Enveloped with an all-encompassing view of the moving green mountains along with hints of fog and cloud. This excellent view on dawn and dusk that this trek offers is truly surreal.

Hampta Pass

ampta Pass Trek is adored by trekkers as one of the best treks in the 200+ defined trails in Himachal Pradesh. The Hampta Pass Trek is on the easy side when in contrast to its competitors. lthough, while the adrenaline pumping and thrilling feeling might not be something experienced trekkers would get, it is a great way for beginners to get into the trekking mindset. This does not mean experienced trekkers won’t love the trek, the vast spread of diversity in views will be worth the effort. Ranging from glacial valleys to lush green landscapes, the journey has it all. More specifically, the Hampta pass is at a maximum altitude of 14,100 ft. The span of the trek is 5 days. You will be covering a distance of 26 km. The base camp is at Jobra. The best time to trek is from June to October. As mentioned earlier, the difficulty level is easy to moderate.

Chembra Peak Trek

A path that does give justice to the enchantment in South India. Trekking through Wayanad’s tea estates is one of the most amazing and surreal encounters you can ever have. urrounded by fog and cloud-covered slopes, you can walk up to the heart-formed Chembra Lake, which lies serenely from the support of a firm green knoll. The fresh mountain air, panoramic view of the valley, the stunning sight of the heart-shaped lake during the rainstorm will keep you thrilled and hungry for more.

Mullayanagiri Trek

Trekking among the most popular tops in Karnataka during the downpours is a feeling like no other. Its path in the excellent area of coffee rich homes of Chikmagalur, this trek is nothing short of a paradise. Staggering ways, Greenlands and the pretty give in while in transport to the top makes this trek unmissable. Also, the antiquated Shiva sanctuary nestled on the pinnacle gives you a unique feeling of serene among beautiful views.

 Dzongri Trek

Trekking enthusiasts try this trek, particularly in a rainstorm, this easy path in Sikkim is completely magnificent. Dotted with thick green timberlands, which take lush green shading during the rainy season, the trek commences from Yuksom and later covers the districts of Goche La, Phedang, Bakkhim to a final reach at Dzongri. Providing you with the most splendid views on the Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim and the Himalayan ranges, this path is natural storm beauty.

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