What are The Custom mascara boxes?

Mascara is a cosmetic product that is used to beautify the eyes. So, it is an important part of makeup. Orchard’s solution is providing custom mascara boxes. Good packaging of the product represents your brand and product’s quality. Our custom boxes are recognized for their quality of material and printing ideas, and we use premium quality materials like corrugated, cardboard, and Kraft. They are friendly mascara in a box because of their countless properties. The printing methods that we are using for printing are No-printing, screen printing, flexography, digital printing, and offset printing.

These are fine printing techniques used with CMYK and PMS color schemes. You can make the boxes lavish with our add-on features like lamination, foiling, insertion, miniatures, and scoring. We also design creative box styles customized in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, we emboss and debus the custom boxes too. The team is available 24/7.  

The Demand For Custom Boxes

Custom mascara boxes have become an important part of the high sale. Now, every company is dipping their toe in the custom packaging boxes to make the customers aware of their brand and increase the profit. Custom boxes are a great source to show off your brand. We design a logo on your packaging boxes and fold it with your brand-specific color. Custom boxes are important as a product because they can drive a sale. Every custom box describes its brand’s story, but it also tells about our culture, traditions, and values. It will be an exciting piece of history in the future. 

Today’s customers never like such packaging that’s overloaded with information. So, our team designed the slogan according to the product. These slogans become the identity of the product and overwhelm the buyers.

Most Wanted Packaging Material

We choose premium quality material for our custom mascara boxes like Kraft, corrugated, and cardboard. Packaging material represents your brand and products. So, it would be fine material. Every product lies in traveling. So, the packaging material should be cheap and high in quality. Our expert advice our customer to choose Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material. This material has capabilities of printing and finishing. The buyer can use it for marketing strategies, ensuring your customers will remember your brands.

We manufacture corrugated boxes with three layers of fiberboard that make the boxes strong and can be used for heavy products. Cardboard also has strong packaging boxes but is mostly used for small items. Kraft is commonly used for food packaging. Additionally, the material is environmentally and pocket-friendly. The customers can recycle it seven times. 

The Printing Process Is Essential For Packaging?

Our business supply the best printing which helps to extend the sale. The designers make the boxes attractive and informative with flexographic printing, lithography offset, screen printing, digital printing, and 3D printing. As well as all these are different from each other but play a special role in enhancing the beauty of custom hair extension packaging boxes. The vibrant color scheme of CMYK and PMS is too good. PMS has unlimited colors that give a unique color theme to your brand. To select the right printing method, you must understand each printing method.

  • Flexographic

It is text-based printing that involves only two colors. Flexographic is good for a large project. It is cost-effective too. We never suggest this printing for the logo because it needs more printing plates which can increase the price.

  • Lithography-Offset Printing

It is expensive printing because it is used for high-quality images printing. 

  • Digital Printing

It can be printed directly on cardboard material, and it doesn’t need overlap colors. It can use all colors schemes. 

  • Screen Printing

We recommended it for small setups because it works slowly.

  • 3D Printing

It makes three-dimensional and solid objects with a digital file.

Demanded Techniques That Make The Boxes Classy

We introduce some useful techniques to make the packaging classy, like embossing, debossing, lamination, and foiling. Here are details about these techniques.

  • Embossing of Boxes

Press the image, text, and logo on the cardstock to give a three-dimensional design. It is used to prominent the logo or brand’s name.

  • Debussing of Boxes

It pressed the text and logo inside the boxes and get attention of target customers.

  • Lamination Of Boxes

Use our glossy, matt, and satin lamination for finishing.

  • Foiling Of Compartments

It’s a thin metallic sheet that wraps around on specific place to beautify the packaging. We provide gold and silver foiling for custom mascara boxes.

  • Unboxing Styles

Here are some unboxing styles of custom mascara boxes that we offer to our valued customers, such as auto-lock bottom, dunk-in donut boxes, sleeve boxes, tray boxes, one, two, three auto bottom, front and reverse end-tuck, two-piece, one-piece, clamshell, Chinese take-out boxes, and display boxes.    

Get Discount and Add-On Features

We provide discounts on all products throughout the year. Moreover, the company offers some add-on features which lavish the custom mascara boxes. The add-on features are raised ink, perforation, UV spot, PVC sheet, and scoring.

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