Best 2022 picnic ideas both with family and partners 

With the pandemic still lingering at our doorstep crowded gatherings and bursting parties are not an option of having fun. The old good joy of meeting in packs or spending time with close-knit community members had to take a back seat now with the third wave of the pandemic being at its peak in most of the countries around the world. But while we are stranded in our living room, a secluded picnic remains an option to go out and have fun with close family members or life partners. 

If you are considering planning a picnic anytime soon then you are in luck as you are just about to get lucky with incredible suggestions for making your time at the picnic a memorable one. Few suggestions could work excellently with people intending to have a joyous time with their kids and other ideas could do well in bringing a couple close. Without further ado let’s get started to find out which picnic option is best suited for you. 


Why does the word picnic always have to be associated with revelry during the day? The point is to have fun whether it is under the sunny sky or starry night. Stargazing is an excellent idea to explore something different apart from the traditional picnic. It could be a great way to get your kids to harbour an interest in the mystical universe with a portable telescope or a romantic getaway with your love.   

Outdoor cooking/ barbecue 

The whole point of going to a picnic is rediscovering stranded bonds and nothing could do the job of bringing hearts closer than a plate of home-cooked food. Well, in this case, the food will be cooked under a shade in some quite beautiful garden by a lake or fountain by you or your partner. Barbecue and grill could also coke to play during the outdoor cooking picnic. A delicious chocolate chip cake from an online cake shop could save you time from worrying about dessert. This outdoor cooking could be a successful episode of leisure both with family members and Cherie.   

Wine tasting

Picturesque vineyard with lush greenery, the aroma of fresh wine and spirited company could be your next ideal picnic. Wine lovers take notes, nothing could be compared to the joy of tasting fresh wine from the barrels of a winery. 

As you can already tell, wine tasting could be an ideal outdoor date with the love of your life.  

Drive-in theatre 

For what it’s worth, movie halls could not be compared with drive-in theatres. The excitement of getting cosy and snug inside your private space is far more interesting than sharing a row full of people cheering and whistling at all the touching dialogues. Watching the whole movie from behind the windshield of your car with your favourite snack and beloved sitting tight by your side sounds like an ideal date to me!


For the people fascinated by lakes and waterholes, canoeing is your jam. If you and your partner like rowing then canoeing is the best activity that could make your picnic lot knee exciting and memorable. With deep water always being a strict no-no for kids, canoeing is an ideal picnic spot for grown in couples only. 

Living room binge watching 

Don’t be hard on yourself if the child inside you wants to make most of their holiday in loungewear and pyjamas. Binge-watching nail-biting movies and series with gourmet food deliveries could turn out to be a lot more fun than it sounds. Online cake delivery in dehradun for the dessert could be a cherry on the cake. 

Beach day 

A delightful day at the beach is all you need to feel rejuvenated. While kids will love making sandcastles, you could have your perfect lousy day lying down, enjoying the sea breeze while the sunscreen does its work. Beach day-the words themselves sound like a perfect family vacation. 

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