Writing a Great Business Blog

If you have a blog, you already know the value of business blogging and its SEO benefits. But do you know how to optimize your articles for search engines? Sadly, many bloggers fail to take use of their sites’ significant commercial potential.

According to a recent blogger.com survey, although 60% of businesses have blogs, 65% of individual blog owners haven’t moved in a year!

By producing relevant content and doing basic article SEO, you may reap the numerous advantages of blogging. Here are six easy SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) ideas to get your site noticed.

1. Do your homework.

SEO requires keyword research. A subject usually includes keywords without knowing them. However, there are other tools and methods for finding useful keyword phrases that you may not have considered.

In addition to finding keywords related to your subject, you may spy on your competitors to discover what phrases and adages they are using to drive traffic to their websites.

2. Include keywords in your content.

Once you’ve chosen a few key keywords, it’s critical to arrange them where people and search engine crawlers will see them the most. Try to include them in your observations: Title. H/Subheadings Sentence 1. Finale. Compose a (text you hyperlink to several other connected pages on your website). Label meta-premises and tags.

A word of caution: Don’t participate to keyword stuffing, which is the act of overwhelming your brain with search terms. Not only would this annoy your blog readers, but it will also get you in trouble with Google. Several well-placed search terms will work.

3. Edit your photographs.

You should always label your photos with keywords and upload them with a brief, keyword-rich description.

Include a link to your referring information when mentioning another blogger or article. Not only is it fantastic blog writing, but you could get lucky and earn a link back. Excellence links help websites rank higher on relevant search engine results pages.

5. Allow people to subscribe to your blog.

Include RSS or Feed Membership Buttons and allow people to subscribe to your blog updates by email. This saves your readers time by not having to often check your site for fresh material.

6.Use social media to promote your content.

You may be utilizing Facebook, Pikdo, Twitter, Google+, or other social media sites to engage with potential and current customers. Let these websites promote your blog material for extra online exposure. 

A few of clicks using free plans like Hootsuite can broadcast links to your latest content on all of your social networking sites online. You can even pay to schedule blog entries! By following these simple SEO suggestions, you may improve your SERPS ranks, online traffic, and customer conversion rates. 

Is it too difficult to keep up with blog optimization?

We have you covered. OpenVine’s SEO professionals can assist you improve your search engine results placement.

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