Christmas Tree Decoration Made Simple- Even Your Kids Can Do It 

Christmas tree decoration is the process of decorating a Christmas tree. However, keep your Christmas tree insect-free using advion gel UAE. Christmas tree decoration is an age-old tradition that helps get people into the Christmas spirit. There are many ways to decorate a Christmas tree and some people like to hang ornaments, while others prefer to use garland or ribbon. Traditional, elegant, and beautiful to behold- these are the qualities we usually attribute to a decorated Christmas tree. 

The Practice of Christmas Tree Decoration

The practice of decorating Christmas trees is believed to have originated in Germany during the sixteenth century. The practice quickly spread throughout Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland. In 1851 Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert brought this tradition into England when she decorated a small Christmas tree with candles and toys for their children. By that time, other European countries such as France and Russia had already adopted this custom and were enjoying holiday celebrations where evergreen trees encircled with decorations were the center of attraction.

Types of Decoration Elements

Mainly five types of decoration can give life to your Christmas tree- Tinsel, Garland, Ornaments, Beads, and lights. When choosing between a live or artificial tree, it is important to consider how much damage the tree might do to the flooring. Since having a live Christmas tree might damage the living room flooring, it is advised to use an artificial one instead. When purchasing a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, be sure to read reviews so you can get a sturdy and well-decorated one.

Lighting-Up Christmas Tree

In addition to lighting up your Christmas tree using tiny LED lights or colored bulbs, you can also add blinking colors to your boughs by attaching tiny circuit boards from which small lights will blink when connected to power sockets. Some manufacturers even have designs that allow you to control them wirelessly through a remote control device. If interested in such technology for your foyer or living room, make sure you purchase a model which comes with the required amount of blinking lights.


Tinsel is made of metal strips or thin tubes coated with a shiny metallic finish, which are hung on the tree to create a shimmering effect. 


Garland is an arrangement of evergreen leaves (mostly holly) with red berries used as a decorative element for Christmas trees usually hung on walls.

Safe and Secure Decorations

One important thing to remember when decorating your tree is to use safe and secure decorations. Make sure all of your ornaments are tightly fastened, and avoid using any that might be sharp or dangerous.

Keep Christmas Tree Insects At Bay

Christmas tree insects must be prevented from setting up home in your Christmas tree. Since many possible places can provide food for these pesky creatures to breed or feed on, obtaining the right sprays and insect killers is paramount to kill an infestation before it becomes serious. Therefore, important to protect your tree from insects by spraying it with an insecticide, covering it with a netting veil. This will help keep pests away and ensure that your tree stays healthy throughout the holiday season. 

To prevent cockroaches from hiding behind your Christmas tree, use advion gel UAE. This best advion cockroach gel UAE contains indoxacarb that is a potent insecticide capable of paralyzing the CNS of roaches. Consequently, making them inactive and thereby killing them. Indoxacarb in advion gel UAE is highly targeting against all types of cockroaches. Simply, buy a tube of advion cockroach gel UAE from The Pest Control Shop and apply it in every nook and corner of your home. This advion gel UAE will not only protect your Christmas tree from looking ugly but will also prevent roach attacks on your Christmas desserts. 

Before putting your artificial Christmas tree into storage for the year, inspect its branches carefully so any unwanted insects will have died out by then. You can also coat each branch with a thin layer of glue so no insect has enough space to hide in after landing on them. If you want to keep live plants inside your house during wintertime, be sure to get rid of all spider webs and other insect egg sacs so the pests will not have a place to lay their eggs. Finally, always keep your live Christmas tree well-watered so that it does not become a food source for any unwanted bugs. Moreover, you can use advion ant gel to control ants’ attacks on the Live Christmas tree before you begin decorating it. 

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Happy decorating!

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