How to Choose a Table Tennis Table: Comprehensive Buying Guide

Buying a new table tennis table can be a tough task. With so many varieties of tables available in the market these days, it’s not an easy task to choose one.

There are different brands, price ranges, and qualities to choose from. For a buyer, it often means sifting through a whole lot of choices before making the buying decision. 

Keeping that in mind, we have prepared this guide to help you select the right table tennis tables in Perth. So, read on.

How to Spot a High-Quality Table Tennis Table? 

The quality of a table tennis table depends on the thickness of the tabletop. Usually, the thickness of the tabletop range from 12mm to 25mm. And the thicker the tabletop, the better is the quality of the table. Thinner tabletops are not good in quality.

Avoid buying table tennis tables with a thin tabletop (12mm). This is because the ball will not bounce well and the table too will be damaged easily. 

A medium thickness table (16mm-19mm) is decent and you’ll get a consistent bounce. The table too will last long before it starts deteriorating. 

But tables with a tabletop thickness between 22mm and 25mm are definitely the best and will give you the best experience of gameplay. 

Key Features to Consider when Buying a Table Tennis Table

As mentioned, there are a lot of different varieties of table tennis tables available and you need to keep several different factors in mind before buying one. Here are the key features you should keep in mind before buying a table tennis table.


Are you going to set the table permanently or pack it up frequently and move it around? If moving the table around is what you’ll be doing, it’s recommended that you go for tables that are easy to set up such as fold-up models. 

These types of tables have rollers to allow easy movement. Also, you can use brakes on the wheels and stop their movement when in use. 


Tabletop thickness is the next thing to look for while buying table tennis tables. Many argue tables with 1-inch thickness are the only ones worth buying as it gives the best bounce. But we can say confidently that tables with a thickness of 0.75 inches too offer a similar bounce. 

Professional players or someone aspiring to go professional, however, can buy 1-inch thickness tables for their gameplay. This would prepare them for a professional tournament. 

No matter how they look or what brand the table is, it’s how thick the tabletop is that matters how quality the table is. 

Avoid buying 12mm tables at all costs because it gives the worst bounce. You can buy 16mm tables if you are on a tight budget. 22mm-25mm thickness is a great choice for amateurs or professionals.

Strong Legs

Make sure the legs of your chosen table is strong enough so it can bear the beating that it would take over time. You should also look for the leg levelers at the bottom of the legs. If the floor you are setting your table on is not even, then these leg levelers will come in handy.


The table you are looking to buy should not be warped or bent in any manner. To ensure that the table is free from any warps, take a close look at the table from the side and from all angles and make sure the table is plain. This is a very important factor to consider because a warped table will give uneven bounce and as a player, you don’t want that to happen. 

These are the factors that you should keep in mind when buying a table tennis table. Follow the guidelines mentioned above and you are sure to end up with great table tennis tables in Perthb that you can use to practice like a pro. 

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